Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Tip #67:  Beat the SUMMER BLUES and take advantage of FABULOUSLY FREE children's events!

Here are a few fun activities we've already tried out:

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic  (Just click here to register at the Lowe's nearest to you for the next clinic!)

 These biplanes were a hit! 

Creative Kidstuff Toy Store Events (Check their calendar for events all throughout the summer)

Our beans are growing like crazy!

West Des Moines Public Library Summer Reading Program (go here and meet our friend Jenna!)

Other FREE summer activities we LOVE:

Des Moines Wading Pools  (although I think my kids might be a little big this year!)

PappaJohn Sculpture Park

State Historical Museum

Raccoon River Nature Trail, Park and Beach

Gray's Lake Park and Beach

What FABULOUSLY FREE activities will your family be enjoying this summer?


Ashlie Miller said...

Great ideas...I've GOT to make time to take my boys to Lowes! "Free" ideas we're doing? Well, this week, we've done 2 projects from materials left over from clearance holiday stuff. We used a Snoopy "Christmas" cookie kit (it was still good) and decorated cookies. We used Paas egg dye and made tie-dye handkerchiefs (flags for pirate ship and club house play). Thanks as always for your ideas!

Absentminded Mother said...

I have been going to Pottery Barn Kids for national geographic. They also have a summer reading list to earn a free book, and I know last year Half price books had a programs too.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot has something similar (no Lowe's in Ankeny). And we finally decorated the clearance Easter cookie kit yesterday morning. :) And Kohls had a slip and slide for $8 last week. :) Just some cheap ideas. --Jess