Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Booth Friday

The official announcement:

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**Great idea stolen from some creative parents here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How we beat the heat!

What a hot week!
The kids spent Monday playing outside in our little plastic pool.
They had a blast!

However, the sun was a little more intense that we realized.

Cloe and McClain ended up with sunburned backs.

That canceled out pool fun for a few days.

So, I hit up my most favorite new-to-me site:  Pinterest!

Seriously, sooo addicting!

I'm almost thankful for nighttime feedings so I can gaze at the endless scrolling pictures of delicious food, beautiful home decor, projects for the kids, and much more!  (I still miss sleep!)

We found this clever, yet easy project and got to work!

 All the kids laid on Cloe's art paper roll and I traced their little bodies.
I hung the paper bodies in the hallway while the kids gathered art supplies.

 They got to work coloring and decorating their look-alikes right away.

I retreated to the couch to stare at this little guy some more...

The kids colored and colored and colored...seriously, such a nice looooong project!
They kept sharing little compliments with each other while working.
McClain made his face red to represent his sunburn.  Poor guy!
Cloe fashioned a new dress.
Carson went the scientific route and drew the inside of his body.

I think the best part of this project was seeing their little creative imaginations at work.
They love their look-alikes and want to hang them in their rooms!

This little project could technically be a Thrifty Thursday post...but I'm simply too tired to figure out what number it would need to be.  Hey, at least I've got the day right!

 What have you done to beat the heat this week?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The vacation that feels like a lifetime ago...

One month ago, we left on our family vacation to Colorado!
It certainly feels like a whole lifetime has since passed!

We had so much fun together!
Day 1:  Our first stop was the American Girl Store near Denver.
Cloe had saved up money and wanted to purchase Ruthie, Kit's best friend.
The Lone Tree Mall area was beautiful.
It made for a great first day of vacation!
(I know--we were near mountains and Cody took us shopping!  He really loves his girls!)
Day 2:  we hooked up with Grandma and Grandpa in Colorado Springs.
We walked around the beautiful Garden of the Gods.
These rocks are such an awesome reminder of the vast creativity God used in designing our world!
Grandpa and Grandma even hiked up some rocks!
Carson loves to be the king!
The first time we were here together was in college.
Crazy the changes that happen over 15 years!
Next we drove to the top of Pike's Peak.
The Park Ranger offered me medical services for delivery...just in case!
The drive felt crazy intense to me with it's sharp curves and drop off shoulders!

Day 3:  we road the Royal Gorge Railway.
The train ride was so relaxing as it followed the Colorado River.
The boys especially loved the train.
There's the Royal Gorge Bridge from our view below.

McClain is the most squeezable kid!

We still had some daylight left after our trip home from the train ride,
so we headed to the Air Force Academy Chapel.
This chapel is so unique!
The stained glass windows made beautiful rainbows.

Day 4:  we decided to check out some mountain trails!
In college, we hiked up Mt. Cutler several times.
It's a moderately easy trail that overlooks Seven Falls.
(I say "moderately easy" for the non-pregnant.  I decided it would be best not to induce labor on the pretty little trail, so I waited at the bottom.)
The kids were happy little hikers!
Our next stop of the day was one that had been greatly anticipated by the kids:
Whit's End.
Our kids love listening to Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey.  

The whole lower level of Focus on the Family has been turned into the town of Odyssey.
There were so many rooms to explore--the dress up room was a huge hit!
The best part of our visit was having an ice cream treat at Whit's End!

Day 5:  we did a little shopping in Old Colorado City and then...
Cody and I had a lunch date in Manitou Springs!
(little did we know this would be our last date before baby!)
I love him!

Day 6:  we took a trip to Boulder to check out the Pearl Street Mall.
The street performers were pretty captivating!
The best part about this performer...
she was right in front of the most incredible kitchen shop!
Kids watch : Mom shops!

 We took a little scenic drive through the mountains near Boulder.
The elevation started doing funny things to my baby belly, so we headed back to Denver.
Dinner as Casa Bonita!
The kids loved the high diver and the roaming musicians!

Day 7:  We went to church at an Acts 29 church plant near downtown Denver.
I so admire the families willing to step out and plant a new church!
This house was across the street from the charming!

Day 8:  We spent the day at WATER WORLD!
 The kids LOVE water parks, and this one boasts being the BEST in America!
 The flowers were all in bloom and so pretty!
World's Best Dad!  
He took the kids (plus Grandma) on tons of slides and rides!

The next three days, we were at a conference in the Denver area for our church.
I felt pretty miserable and didn't catch any pictures.
We did have a great time hanging out with college friends and their kids.
By Thursday, I was afraid we were going to have a Colorado baby, so we took off early and headed straight home.  Thankfully, baby waited to come until all the vacation laundry was finished and Cody had the baby nook completed!  

Nothing like packing it all in to Summer 2011! year's family vacation:  somewhere on the EAST COAST!
Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some pictures...finally!

 One week ago today...
 (one last picture before we headed out the door)
What better treat for "Labor Day" than Happy Meals!
(plus something to pass the time until Grandma arrived)

The most welcome sound ever:  a newborn's cry!
The first of a million kisses.
 Perfect tiny hands.
 Sweet chubby cheeks.
 Bonding with brother.
 Our four little blessings!
 Sweet kisses from sister.
 So excited to hold baby brother!
Did I daddy ever?
Seriously. BEST.
He changed every diaper in the hospital and at home until he had to go back to work.
And the man who's claimed no cooking ability made some of the best meals we've ever had...and garnished our plates with wedges of tomatoes.  XOXOXO
Yes, Little Maddox, you have completely changed our family.
We are all smitten with you.
Your sweet little cheeks and lips are so kissable.
Your little expressions are beyond precious.
Happy One Week Birthday! 
We're so glad you're here!