Wednesday, July 6, 2011

He's Here!

At 6:11 pm, Maddox Andrew made his first appearance into the world! It wasn't exactly how we thought it would all play out, but, none the less, our baby came out with a strong, healthy cry.
After sitting around dilated at 3, Maddox's heart rate decided to linger too low for too long. The calm quickly turned to quick movements and bright lights. Thankfully, I was never scared or fearful the whole time. That "peace that passes all our understanding" is one pretty awesome thing God gives!
It's all sort of a clear blur--not that that really makes any sense. I knew what was going on and could feel things, yet there was absolutely no pain. Pretty surreal! His cry was the most beautiful sound and I was so thankful it went on and on since I couldn't see him while they suctioned and cleaned him off.
Cody got to cut the chord and be involved in everything. I, oddly, laid on the operating table and took an in-and-out snooze while they closed me up.
Finally, I got to kiss my precious baby boy's little soft head!
I was super loopy for several hours, so it was quite late before I actually held him. That was totally fine though. I enjoyed seeing our children, the grandmas, some family and friends all soak in our little guy!

Some cutesies of Maddox:
He grunts and sighs while he sleeps.
His skin has the softest little rolls all over.
His head has more of the darkest hair than any of our children had.
His cheeks are chubby and so kissable.
He's quite the cuddly baby yet is sleeping very content in the bassinet.

Can't believe how baby #4 has gone from feeling like a dream to being more than we ever could have dreamed.

Pictures will come as soon as I can get to my laptop. (or check twitter and Facebook)
This semi-blogging from my phone has got to go!

Welcome to our family, Maddox! You're a perfect fit!


peter marie said...

I'm so thankful that you're okay and that Maddox is here and healthy! His rolls are so precious...I'm sure it's hard to not constantly squeeze them.
Hope you enjoy your time with him and that these first few days go smoothly. Will pray for you guys and for your recovery!

sara said...


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Huge congratulations! Good job mama!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

H-Mama said...

congratulations, londa! we can't wait to see more pictures of this sweet, soft bundle.

Erica said...

Congratulations! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Blogging already? What other miracles are you performing from your hospital bed? :) You set the bar high for the rest of us, dear. And now it's time to sit back and snuggle him and discover all his little perfections. So glad you're ok. God is so good. Praying for a swift recovery, lots of rest, and lots of help with all the little things that you seamlessly and endlessly juggle. Love you!!! Jess