Thursday, July 21, 2011

How we beat the heat!

What a hot week!
The kids spent Monday playing outside in our little plastic pool.
They had a blast!

However, the sun was a little more intense that we realized.

Cloe and McClain ended up with sunburned backs.

That canceled out pool fun for a few days.

So, I hit up my most favorite new-to-me site:  Pinterest!

Seriously, sooo addicting!

I'm almost thankful for nighttime feedings so I can gaze at the endless scrolling pictures of delicious food, beautiful home decor, projects for the kids, and much more!  (I still miss sleep!)

We found this clever, yet easy project and got to work!

 All the kids laid on Cloe's art paper roll and I traced their little bodies.
I hung the paper bodies in the hallway while the kids gathered art supplies.

 They got to work coloring and decorating their look-alikes right away.

I retreated to the couch to stare at this little guy some more...

The kids colored and colored and colored...seriously, such a nice looooong project!
They kept sharing little compliments with each other while working.
McClain made his face red to represent his sunburn.  Poor guy!
Cloe fashioned a new dress.
Carson went the scientific route and drew the inside of his body.

I think the best part of this project was seeing their little creative imaginations at work.
They love their look-alikes and want to hang them in their rooms!

This little project could technically be a Thrifty Thursday post...but I'm simply too tired to figure out what number it would need to be.  Hey, at least I've got the day right!

 What have you done to beat the heat this week?


H-Mama said...

too cute. all 4 of them. love that carson took a more scientific approach. those are keepers, for sure. so sorry for the sunburns!

the girls built forts in the dining room today. then one of them had to be punished {sigh}, so i thought it a good idea to have her 'help' mom paint. in the hot garage. at least we had a fan. so, see... i'm not completely heartless. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love this! That's what we're doing for craft time tomorrow. Levi and Titus will love it. Thanks. :) Hope you get some sleep soon! --Jess

Kate said...

Great idea, Londa :0)

We've been laying low, ordering takeout so we don't have the additional heat from the oven and just being sloths. We need rain.

Hope you're doing well!

peter marie said...

Fun idea! They all turned out so cute!!

We did lots of craft projects, splash park, 2 different library story times, lots of was a long, but fun week!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Ahh yes, Pinterest!! LOVE IT! :) As if we all needed another on line addiction. ;) Seriously though, it makes total sense for you - because if you are up at night ANYWAY, may as well.

That is an awesome project! And I love peaks of your newest little man. He is so gorgeous!!