Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some pictures...finally!

 One week ago today...
 (one last picture before we headed out the door)
What better treat for "Labor Day" than Happy Meals!
(plus something to pass the time until Grandma arrived)

The most welcome sound ever:  a newborn's cry!
The first of a million kisses.
 Perfect tiny hands.
 Sweet chubby cheeks.
 Bonding with brother.
 Our four little blessings!
 Sweet kisses from sister.
 So excited to hold baby brother!
Did I mention...best daddy ever?
Seriously. BEST.
He changed every diaper in the hospital and at home until he had to go back to work.
And the man who's claimed no cooking ability made some of the best meals we've ever had...and garnished our plates with wedges of tomatoes.  XOXOXO
Yes, Little Maddox, you have completely changed our family.
We are all smitten with you.
Your sweet little cheeks and lips are so kissable.
Your little expressions are beyond precious.
Happy One Week Birthday! 
We're so glad you're here!


H-Mama said...

absolutely precious. all 4 of your lil' sweet blessings. there's nothing more attractive than when daddy steps in, taking care of the little ones, yes? take care of you, my friend. ((hugs))

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

LOVE this post!

Jenn said...

He is so precious! That was a great blog post! He is so adorable already!

Joann & Don Whittington said...

Ah pictures at last. so cute. Great

Kate said...

This post made me so teary!! I'm so happy for you, Londa. He is gorgeous!!

peter marie said...

He is SO cute and precious!! Glad it's going well!
Can't wait to meet him tomorrow!

sara said...

oh my word, he is so sweet! and I could kiss those cheeks through the computer!!!

So happy for you all....such a beautiful family!!

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

So, so sweet! Oh those first weeks are some precious ones :).

Anonymous said...

So handsome. Thanks for sharing the photos. Praying for you! :) Jess

AMANDA said...

ANd SOOOOOOO glad you are not the one who gave birth to the 16 pound baby. And SOOOO glad I have a baby of my own because your pictures gave me serious baby fever. And SO glad you are well and baby is beautiful!!!!

Nikkers said...

He is SOOOO CUTE! Congratulations!!

Sarah said...

love, love, LOVE!!!! So precious, the whole family! Maddox is such a handsome little fella! :)

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh wow. He is amazing!!! God's handiwork at its best. :) Congratulations again, I am so thrilled for you all. Four is alot of work, but so, so fun!!