Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Most of the time...

I'm really glad I'm a grown-up.

There are a lot of perks to being a grown-up:

driving the car (love it just as much as I did at 14)

going to bed whenever I want (I want early nowadays)

drinking a soda on days other than Sunday (that was the rule growing up)

 chewing gum whenever (well, whenever there's any left)


However, sometimes there are things that make wish I could be a kid again.

For instance: birthday parties!

Our kids have been invited to some pretty spectacular parties, but McClain's party this past Saturday really took the cake.

If you're from Iowa, you know that we are all slightly obsessed with our hometown Olympian, Gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Well, guess where the birthday party was held!

Chow's Gymnastics know, home of our Olympic Champion!

We were going to try to catch some pictures on the sly,
but we soon noticed that all the other parents were unashamedly taking pictures.

So we jumped in.
Have a look!

Pretty sure Shawn Johnson has her picture plastered on just about every major wall space.
A Gold Medal gives big bragging rights!

Below are some pictures of the actual party.
McClain had a blast...even if the party was for a girl!



peter marie said...

Wowzers! What a fun party idea!!

Can't wait to see the boys tonight...LOVE their new haircuts. They look so adorable!

H-Mama said...

you're right. that 'is' pretty spectacular. :)

Anonymous said...

Londa, I agree. I'm still about 5 when it comes to birthdays. Andrew learned this early on. Poor guy could care less about his birthday, but Jahnkes take these things seriously. Titus's was yesterday. He's suddenly a big 3-yr-old. My birthday is bittersweet now (? not the right word . . . too harsh), since it's 3 days after Josh's. Just savoring the good memories and loving knowing that He's with Jesus. Is there a good kind of jealousy? :) --Jess

sara said...

they do parties very different than when my kids were little....that looks very fun!!!

Hey I think as an adult you can have any kind of party you want too!!!

Nicole said...

What an awesome party idea! I bet that will be a party he never forgets.

une autre mère said...

Now that's a great party! Would've been even better though with an appearance from the great SJ herself though, huh? Really, what was she doing that was so important that she couldn't pop in on a kids' birthday party?! ;)

Hilary said...

very fun! :)