Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Dapper Dude

Saturday, we had a crazy, busy line up of events.

McClain had a birthday party at 1:00. 

 Family pictures at 2:00.

McClain had another birthday party at 4:15. 

Cloe had a church bonfire at 6:00.

I had a dinner at 6:30.  

Plus we had to run to the mall to deal with our phones quickly.  

We pretty much just stayed on the go from 12:45 on...

Surprisingly, it was all going very well.  

We were staying on schedule--even Maddox was doing awesome--eating in the car, napping in his car seat, and just being a good happy baby.  

I fed Maddox at 4:15 while Cody took McClain into Chow's Gymnastics for his second birthday party.
Cody said all the kids yelled, "Hi McClain!" He seemed excited for another birthday party!
When Cody ran in to pick up McClain from the party at 5:45, it seemed to take them a really long time to come out to the car.

When they finally appeared, Cody got in and said, "Well, that was awkward.  I somehow dropped McClain off at the wrong birthday party!"  

McClain had gotten invited to a birthday party for a little girl from his class at school.
However, another little boy from his class also had a party going on at the same time (we didn't know this little fact).  
Cody said he wasn't for sure which room to take McClain, but when everyone started saying "Hi McClain!" in the first room, they just went in.  Cody said since they all knew McClain, he didn't even think twice about it being the wrong party. 
McClain didn't even notice he was at the wrong party until they were singing "Happy Birthday."
McClain told us he went to sing "Happy Birthday, dear Aya",
and everyone else sang "Happy Birthday, dear Mason".  

McClain didn't know what to do, so he just sat there quietly.  
(I'm sure he was wishing that he could somehow disappear!)

Soon it was time to open the gifts.  

It's really popular to have the gift-giver stand next to the birthday child while they open their gift.  
They had McClain go up front and stand next to Mason while he opened his gift...which was in a pink bag.
McClain said he acted very hesitant because he knew it was a girl gift.
He even tried to tell them the gift was for a girl, but they just encouraged him to go on up with his gift!
 Mason began to pull out the gift and tried to leave it in the bag when he saw it was girly.

However, McClain said all the adults encouraged him, "Pull it out!!! Let's see McClain's gift!" 
So he pulled it out:  a super girly, flowery shirt that said in large letters, "Flowers make me smile."  

McClain said it was then that everyone really laughed. 

Poor Mac! 
Cody came in shortly after that to pick up McClain.  
Cody was so embarrassed when McClain said, "Hey, you dropped me off at the wrong party!"  
He apologized profusely for leaving our son at a party to which he wasn't invited.  

The parents were really kind about it.  

Cody was able to get the girly gift to the right room and the little girl.  

Then he and McClain slunk to the car...the party crasher's walk of shame.

Mason's mom did send us a really nice email and encouraged us not to feel bad.  Her son really likes McClain and was glad he was there.  She actually thought they had invited McClain. embarrassing!  

Today, when school was dismissed, we were there waiting with a boy gift.

We plan to double check the identity of the birthday person at all parties


Julie said...

Poor McClain... But still hil-ar-ious!

Hilary said...

oh, but a great story to tell, now! :)

peter marie said...

I told RJ this story and he about died. It's so funny, yet sad, yet sweet, and super cute. :)

Can't wait to see how your pictures turn out!

sara said... am laughing so hard!!! I know it is embarrassing, but what a great story!!!

One time my Aunt had the family over for Thanksgiving. She was always in the habit of inviting people she/we didn't know so when a guy got out of his car that I didn't know and walked up to the door with me, I didn't think twice. he came in and and introduced himself around....we thought he was with my aunt, SHE thought he was with US!! as we were all talking and enjoying an appetizer, he finally spoke up and said "I really think I am at the wrong party!" He was supposed to be down the street!!! He knew he wouldn't know any one but the hosts and assumed ours was it!!! SO FUNNY! We told him that if they weren't as fun as us to come back!!!

Jenn said...

That is so funny, I can't quit laughing! Poor poor McClain how embarrassing, at least he is popular!

I can't wait to see your pictures either, cute outfit! I will have to take lessons for my boys.

une autre mère said...

Funniest true story I've heard in a long time!!! Seriously laughing uncontrollably. Poor little McClain, but at least it's a good story to have on hand! :)

H-Mama said...

oh. my. lands. poor sweetheart! i can only imagine... hopefully this is one of those memories he will forget and will only scar the parents moments?? one can hope, right? ;)