Friday, November 4, 2011


Day 4:  I am thankful for children that are willing to work hard and help out!

Since Maddox was born, our kids have been really pulling a lot of extra weight around the house.  Blame it on having a baby...a c-section...four kids...lack of sleep...laziness...whatever...I just cannot seem to get my act pulled together again and get things done like I use to!  

Every fall, we always hit an orchard and load up on apples.  This year, time was fleeting and a freeze was eminent when we finally made it to an orchard.  To our surprise, the orchard owner said we could have as many apples as we liked as long as we used our own bags.  Unfortunately, I had only one flimsy shopping bag and Cloe's piano bag in the car that day.  So, we headed back the next day armed with large bags ready to be filled with tart, juicy apples!

Eager to roam the orchard!
 I know it's dorky, but I LOVE their matchy matchy puffy coats!
 When we'd picked all the apples we could reach from the ground, these two little monkeys scrambled up the branches for more!  Cloe and I stood at the bottom while they plunked apples down for us to catch.

This was the best part--after letting the apples simmer all night in the crock pot, our little team formed an assembly line.   Cloe was the smasher, Carson was the dipper, and McClain was the "host" who ordered more dipping and smashing.  (Can you tell they love game shows?)  Of course, everyone had to take a turn at each job.  The reward for helping was a heaping bowl of fresh, hot applesauce!
(Even Maddox got to sample some...shhhh!)

Our freezer is full of applesauce ready to be enjoyed all throughout the winter thanks to some really sweet, helpful kiddos!


H-Mama said...

how fun! aren't you one crafty mama! i'd say you are doing quite well with all 4 cuties happily in tow! nothing lazy about that. ;)

Julie said...

Your doing a great job with your four kiddos! It takes a bit to get into the swing of things after a new little one. I know I was SO tired for what seemed like forever after my youngest was born.