Sunday, November 6, 2011


Day 6:  I am so thankful for this:

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?   
Well, this one really is!

I am so thankful for our church--as in all these people!  LOVE THEM!  Seriously.  So many really awesome testimonies, friendships, talents, and life stories all coming together.  Love.

I am thankful for the worship that we get to have together!  Singing together for HIM!  It's great!  LOVE our talented, dedicated musicians. 
Learning from God's Word!  Awesome!  You should listen to the podcasts here.

I am thankful that my children eat.up being here.  Even at 7 am on Sunday, they are all smiles.  (the donuts probably help!)

I am also thankful for this building.  It's such a beautiful facility!  (even if it does sit out in the middle of a corn field!  for real!)

Most of all, in this picture, I'm thankful that this is our life.  Cody is the guy leading the worship here.  I love his job, and he does too!

We're so thankful for Willow Creek Baptist Church...everything that those words represent here!


Sarah said...

I am loving all these thankful posts!

Anonymous said...

We second that. LOVE our church family. So blessed to be a part of this amazing work! --Jess