Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well, I definitely didn't stay quite on track with my little Thankful project!

Here are a few highlights as we finish off the month:

Last Sunday, Cody had the awesome opportunity to baptize Cloe!  We are so very thankful for her desire to follow Jesus!

We spent Thanksgiving with all of Cody's family in southern Iowa.   I am thankful for these two little cousins--just a year apart.  They are both so sweet and laid back. Guess they're leaving all the orneriness for the older kids!

The weather was beautiful on Thanksgiving Day!  Grandpa had a fun little project going on in his backyard.  The kids thought they were pretty big stuff getting to move dirt!  Soon, they'll be enjoying  electricity in the clubhouse Grandpa is building!

ALL the cousins had so much fun together!  I am truly thankful for family!

Now on to December...phew!


Julie said...

Way to go Cloe! What a blessing!

I love cousin love! How fn to have them all together :o)

Julie said...


Anonymous said...

So cute. Glad the cousins could be together. And so excited for Cloe! :) --Jess

Hilary said...

yay, cloe! :)

une autre mère said...

That was so cool to see Cloe baptized by her dad! Well, I guess I didn't see it "live," but the video tape felt like the real thing! :) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with the cousins!