Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello, Blog World

There are so many post ideas swirling in my mind and passing in fleeting thoughts.

Sadly, there is no time to get them organized and posted.

Such is life.

Four kids are a lot of little people to take care of.  Did you know that? 

Do you like sentences ending in prepositions?  Me neither.  Oh well.

Anyway...our lives are full, blessed, and the days are going by super quickly.

I've felt like we've been on an unending marathon of activities lately.  Only it's the marathon where you run around from thing to thing like a chicken with your head cut off, but there are absolutely no real exercise or weight loss benefits from this sort of marathon.  Oy.  Not a lot of sleep involved in the marathon, for that matter, either.

So, someday I'm sure life will slow down and favorite memories, activities, recipes, pictures, and fun times will be posted.  Someday.

For now, I have to leave you with one of the most touching, well done documentaries from John Piper.   
(No, he's not related to Peter Piper, Carson.   Yes, he's a little older, but he's also still alive, Cloe.  No, we don't know him, McClain.  Can we just take the 18:44 to watch this?  Thank you.)

Grab a tissue.  It's a good one!


Unknown said...

Before I read further, I simply must fix your horrendous grammar:
you mean:
"There are 4 little kids for which to provide care."
There, now THAT sounds better. Bahahahahahaha. Not.
Ok, continuing on.....oops. Continuing on my reading.

(sometimes you just have to land on those pesky prepositions. that's my rule.)

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful video - and one I COMPLETELY agree with!! Thanks for posting it! Joy

Hilary said...

i don't know how you do it all! amazing, simply amazing. :)

Mandi said...

Sending my reader people to your blog for this video today. Thanks for sharing! I'd never seen it before.

H-Mama said...

you're my bloggy friend hero. ;)