Thursday, January 19, 2012

There's a new love in our house...

Our family loves fresh salsas!

Recently, we found a new, yummy looking fresh salsa recipe on Pinterest.

Tapatio was the mystery ingredient.

We sent Cody off to the store in search of the new hot sauce.

He returned.  Success!

We chopped, diced, sprinkled and stirred.

Our mouths were watering.  Could this be as tasty, delicious as we were all hoping?

Yes!  Success!

Try it!  Definitely a keeper!  Thanks, Tapatio!  We love you!

Chunky Avacado Salsa

original recipe found here

1 avacado
2 tomatoes
1 small can or 1 cup frozen white corn
1 can black beans
Green onions
Garlic salt
Tapatio sauce

Chop up your tomatoes and avacados.  Drain and rinse corn and black beans.  Dice up the green onions and cilantro.
(Really, just use as much of all the above ingredients as your family likes!)
Toss together.  Season with garlic salt and Tapatio sauce.

Enjoy with tortilla chips...or just by the spoonful!


peter marie said...

Yummy!!! I've been craving chips and salsa all winter so I will for sure have to try this one!

Oh, and the party....awesome. Looks like such a fun day and those cakes?! Beautiful!

Julie said...

WOW that looks SO good! I read the ingredients hoping I had them in my pantry... We're missing several (big sad face).

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks! Troy is the biggest fan of salsa EVER. It's like his most favorite thing in the WORLD (next to me). Maybe I'll surprise him with this new recipe :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

YUM! Totally pinning this :)