Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging...

Oh wait,
there's been no regular schedule here on this blog since our little man showed up!

He sure is cute, though!

Anyway...thanks to a fantastic government teacher in high school, who I am just now really appreciating to the fullest, I occasionally get a little geeky spark of enthusiasm for politics.
This enthusiasm especially sparks every four years at caucus time.  Living in Iowa, the caucus is BIG NEWS because we hold our caucus first in the nation.   

(All you other states, edging in on us:  back off.  Seriously, you've got mountains, oceans, beaches, waterfalls.  We've got lots of corn and the first caucus.  Let it be.  Let it be.)

I digress...

So here's a quick look at the fun we've had around here with the Iowa Caucus:
 Our venue for the caucus was moved to an events center to accommodate over 1,200 people.  There were media people swarming like crazy!  Several of our neighbors were interviewed by CBS, CNN, Rutgers, and a news station from Dallas (hello, Rick Perry).  Maddox even got a little snuggle from Soledad O'Brien, an anchor from CNN!  She took a big 'ol whiff of his sweet baby head and said, "I love the smell of babies!"  Too bad my camera was stuck in the back of the stroller.

After each of the candidates was represented with a little speech from a local resident, our precinct got a surprise visit from Rick Perry.  He was very suave with his southern drawl.  Unfortunately, he placed fifth in our precinct.  Sort of felt bad for the guy after going to all that work to charm us in person.

As we were waiting to drop our ballets in the box, a very sweet elderly couple complimented our children on their nice behavior at the caucus.  They asked our children who they were rooting for.  Carson got a really snide look on his face and said sharply, "Barack Obama!"  Nice, kid.  
The old lady teasingly said, "Oh, we don't say that name here, young man!"  Well played, nice lady!

Today, the media and politicians began flooding out of our area.  However, we did catch this live broadcast from the MPR at our coffee shop right before our Bible Study.  Pretty nifty!
Lastly, I wanted to catch a picture of the hotel really near our house where all the news satellite trucks parked.  I happened to be stalking passing through the parking lot just as Michelle Bachmann's bus pulled up for her to deliver her withdrawal speech.  I sat perched in my vehicle trying to capture a picture of the famous gal.  She's there--I promise!

So there you have it:  a glimpse at the Iowa Caucus!

Lots of candidates, information, phone calls, signs, debates:  politics.

Fun to experience, but now...back to my regularly scheduled life!


Unknown said...

Caucus-ing is so fun! And, like usual, you've captured all the fun memories in your snappy little blog! Way to go!
Oh, and Maddox smiled at me last night. Love that guy :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

The caucuses are fun, but I am oh so glad they are more phone calls from Rick and Anita Perry and big fat letters from Ron Paul :) I seriously think that 90% of the mail we got while we were in NY was from the Republican candidates!

But how cool are you to get a picture of Michelle Bachmann!!