Monday, January 9, 2012


Can you believe this beautiful weather?

If you're not from Iowa, we've been enjoying crazy, record-breaking warm temperatures lately.

It may just be a coincidence, but when our boys were born six years ago, we also experienced an unseasonably mild winter.  I was super leery of carrying babies on ice and snow was petrified of falling in slippery parking lots in the freezing temperatures.  So, back then, the warmer weather was a huge answer to prayer.  And guess what, it's just as much an answer to prayer this time--with just one baby to carry!  Sorry...we're done having babies, so next year, it's probably back to snow and ice.  Haha!

Here's what we've been up to:

 Long walks in the sunshine!  Ahhh!

 A little baseball practice at the park!

 Family drives to fun sites it our city--Mater lives just south of downtown Des Moines!
Climbing on crazy big Monster Trucks!

If only tomorrow was May 1 and spring was here for good!
How did you enjoy this beautiful weather?


H-Mama said...

so glad you are enjoying easier weather with baby in tow! how exciting to meet mater, live and in person! ;)

Julie said...

This weather is THE BEST!! I hate how long winter gets and this year it cant be real long since its already mid January! My kids have been playing outside, and Ive enjoyed nice weather for erranding. No hand numbing seat buckling the kids in this year so far :o)

une autre mère said...

Oh come on! Can't you please have a baby every year so we can enjoy more Januaries like this?! Don't be selfish now... ;)

I didn't know Mater lived so close! We'll have to pay a visit. We've been swinging a lot, doing sidewalk chalk and cleaning up our ridiculously messy yard from last week's wind storm. Wish these temps could stay a few months longer!!! :)