Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Today I visited a couple of my homeschool families for their spring home checks.

One family had the most gorgeous apothecary jars filled with awesome springy looking moss and rocks.

It looked just like a picture out of a Martha Stewart magazine or Pottery Barn catalog.

I instantly wanted to find "that look" at "my price".


Guess what!

Dollar Tree had exactly what I needed to accomplish the mossy, spring look!
Mossy rocks.

So perfect!

$9 later...

I love it!

...and Amanda, it you happen to read this...please take my copy-catting as a compliment!  
I was smitten by your beautiful jars!


Hilary said...

so cute, londa! i think it's ok to copy cat...i'm sure you put your own spin on the look...and at a steal too! :)

Jessica said...

Cute! Hey, professional blogger, you . . . I might need a lesson one of these days. I need to figure out how to add links, buttons, "blogs I follow" and pictures with posts . . . not in a hurry, but I'd love any of your tips! Hoping I chose a template that is easy to work with. It's working so far! This blog is not going to be anything earth-shattering. Just helping me be less forgetful at the moment. I'm ditching my pride and just having fun with it. :)