Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Recap!

Our Easter weekend was
Here's a little glimpse...

A beautiful Good Friday Service
 Lovely painting by Abby!
 Bright and early Saturday:  A quick game of Baseball!
 Then off to the Easter Extravaganza
 Someone (who is shy and doesn't want to be named) thought it was pretty dandy to wear the Bunny Head!
Late night Easter preparations included stuffing the Carrots for our Easter Baskets!
(aiming for less sugar!)
 Sunday morning clearly came way too early!
We were out the door by 6:50!
 Our first sleep attempt at a picture...
 After a nice morning nap, Maddox became quite cooperative!
 ...and then it got close to lunch time and we were still snapping pictures...
Nothing short of a miracle to get a quick family photo!
Then it was home to tear into our Easter Baskets!
Fun cheddar-filled  carrots and Egg-changables from here.
 Love this little guy!
 ...and just for the record, not a crawler yet, but giant leaps in pulling himself up today!
Whoa boy!  Slow down!

That's all for now!


peter marie said...

It WAS a good weekend!!
That picture of your sleepy kids on the way to church is so adorable. They are little troopers.

Beautiful family!!

peter marie said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing. Look at him go! He's getting so big. I don't know how you do it, getting all four kids out the door looking like a Pottery Barn Kids photo, before the butt crack of dawn. Well executed, friend. You should all get a prize. And the services . . . so thankful for our church family, leadership, all of it. Hope this week is a little slower for you, in case you need to catch your breath! :) --Jess

Amy@My Front Porch said...

LOVE that idea for Egg-changeables! Going to pin that for next year :)

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Looks like a great Easter!!