Saturday, May 5, 2012

 Oh Maddie-pooh!
Can you believe you are 10 months old already?

This year is indeed going by crazy fast!

The last month seems to be the month that you have hit your finest baby stride.

You sleep like a champ:  12+ hours every night and 2 2-hour naps.
You're just like clock work!

You seemed to have forgotten that you're still a baby and squawk in your highchair until we serve you the finest table food around.  (aka lots of steamed vegetables and shredded meats!)

You scootch around on your bottom anywhere your little heart seems to mostly desire right at my feet...which I love!

You pull yourself up and try to snag the remote controls
And I put them out of your reach.
I'm on to you, Little Man!

You love your brothers and sister so much!
I can't wait for summer break--you're going to flip with excitement when they're around to play with you all day long!

We love you so much, Maddox!
Your smiles and twinkly eyes brighten the room.
Your babbles, coos, and giggles bring cheer to everyone around.

Happy 10 months, Baby!


H-Mama said...

precious post, londa! for such a sweet boy! nice that he lets mama sleep a lil'? ;)