Monday, May 7, 2012

The Number Project

This blog has a serious attention deficit disorder...posts are rare and all over the place these days!

Buuuuut, we finally finished this project today, and I can't wait for you all to see it!
The idea vaguely came from a number project I saw on Pinterest.

We used all the "special" numbers in our family:

7.5.11 = Maddox
1.1.06 = McClain and Carson
4.24.03 = Cloe
6.19.99 = anniversary
8.20.77 & 2.8.77 (ahem) = Cody & Londa

I custom-sized a sheet in Pages to match the size of the board we had for Cody's office wall. 
It's 15" x 60".

Then I started inputting our numbers, sizing, and arranging.

Once we liked the placement, 
I had a minor meltdown over my inability to print this
Cody purchased Mindcad Tiler which allowed us to print the numbers like tiles in a banner.

We taped it together and used some awesomely non-messy and super easy-to-work-with spray adhesive  (Lies, spray adhesive can instructions.  All lies.) to adhere it to contact paper.

 Looking fine and feeling good about this project here!

I spent two hours diligently cutting out each number in a very precise, cheerful manner.
Then I discovered we (me) had adhered them to the wrong side of the contact paper.  Oy!

Spray Adhesive (grrrr)   
Cut (again)

 We stuck the letters to the board and set books on the project to help the contact paper adhere to the board.  (This project does not do well with high humidity. Curly paper persisted!)

Next, we used an entire can of white satin spray paint to give the board a nice even coat of paint.
After a few minutes of drying, we peeled the numbers off.
 To finish the project, we distressed the board with sandpaper.  This gives it a little character and covers any spray painting flaws that might have shown up.



Jenn said...

Looks awesome! Great way to use special dates to make it special to your family!

manda said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

une autre mère said...

That is amazing, Londa!!! Turned out great! Just might have to copy that one someday... Thanks for the heads up on doing the numbers backwards! ;)