Thursday, May 31, 2012

Portfolio Day

The kids were so excited for their Portfolio Celebrations at school!

The teachers keep samples of their work throughout the year from every subject.
It's so fun to have them show us all the progress they have made!

They also love showing us all the special pieces they have decorating the walls!
 Special art projects are on display, too!
 Classroom tours give us a glimpse of their day.
 McClain joined the "they never get my name correct" club.
Cloe shared her science presentation with us!
It received "exceeds expectations"!

Cloe also had a special presentation for us that she had created on the computer.

 We couldn't be more grateful for the awesome teachers our children had this year!
They were truly amazing!


une autre mère said...

What a fun way to get to peek into your kids' day at school! They are all so talented! And how funny that they didn't even get McClain's last name even close to being right! I especially love your little owls for the teachers. Adorable!!