Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What happened to June?

Our entire month of June was packed!
The weeks just flew by!
Here's a glimpse of our fun during the first week.

We had some exciting visitors come spend a few days at our house!

Here are all the Crigger cousins!

These pictures were taken by Rachel Lea Photography as a special surprise for Grandma and Grandpa C.
These cute cousins are moving to Chile in just two weeks and will be living there for two years.
You can read all about them and follow their journey here.

 Here's our little crew.

 This is one of my favorites! 

***Just a funny note to remember...after doing awesome for the pictures, we loaded up all eight tired little people and tried to head home.  Unfortunately, our vehicle wouldn't start!  Thank goodness for Uncle Cory and Aunt Calli.  They had come along to help with  transportation and "crowd control".  They stayed with us until Cody could get there and start the car.  Eeks!***

Besides hitting the pool with all eight kids, we also had a great day at the zoo!
Some very special memories were made with our cousins!
We can't wait for these two years to pass so we can see them all again!


H-Mama said...

this is priceless, londa. simply adorable.

and thank god for our knights in shining armor. really. ;)