Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School...already!

This week, the kids went back to school.
Our summer seemed to go by crazy fast!
(There might be some back-dated posts appearing so we don't forget all the fun we had along the way! 1 camping trip, 2 weeks at church camp, 1 week at a conference, 1 week of vacation, a quick trip to say good-bye, swimming lessons, family swim days, reading summer school...phew!)

Our week started with Back-to-School Night!
 Of course, we couldn't go to meet our teachers empty-handed.
This cup says, "I'm thirsty for knowledge in fourth (or first) grade!"
Our teachers are all so nice!
I think we got the best ones!

 Then we had to take the annual front step pictures!
 and individual
and because we got to the school so early, there was time for one on the bench in the garden.

Thankfully, the tears were fewer this year.
(mine were, at boy still loves his mama quite.a.bit!)

Maddox and I took right off for our favorite coffee shop.
(Which is closing tomorrow!  Boo!)
We shared a delicious Sputnik!
(honey-almond-cinnamon one can duplicate it's awesomeness!)
Then we did a little Bible reading with our favorite people!

I was so looking forward to the one-on-one time to play with Maddox during the rest of the school day.  However, he decided to crash and slept for 4 1/2 hours!  Talk about salt in my lonely wounds! 

We were ready and waiting when the bell rang to snatch up the three amigos and treat them to a little Orange Leaf!
Our favorite!

I'm so proud of these three BIG kids!  
They are growing up so quickly!
It's fun to see them grow and learn and develop!
The boys took their favorite books for show and tell on the first day.
They chose "The Jesus Storybook Bible" and the "ESV Kids Study Bible" because they wanted to make sure their classmates knew about "the most powerful and loving guy that ever lived: Jesus!"
Cloe was met with "new" friends in her class...girls whose "circle" she hasn't always been accepted into in the past.
I was SO nervous for her, but she came home with glowing reports on building friendships with the girls and being thankful for renewing old friendships at recess.
I know...I'm a mom who's bragging.
But seriously, these three kids are showing me answers to prayer

So, here we go.
School Year 2012-2013!


Mandi said...

Love this post, and watching how big your kids are getting! You inspire me to not fear public schools... I've said that before. And, super jealous of the 4 1/2 hour nap!

Sarah said...

whew! our summer flew by too! Your kiddos are growing so fast... happy back-to-school time! I have a feeling this school year might go by even more quickly than the summer! yikes!

H-Mama said...

such cutie-patootie pictures. you are such a great, fun-lovin' mama, londa!