Thursday, September 27, 2012

Humor me..

It's not really a secret:  I love pictures of my children!

When we go on vacation, I snap away like crazy trying to preserve the fun memories being made.

This summer, we went to a conference in Pennsylvania and passed this awesome tanker each time we went to and from our hotel.

The kids loved it and begged to stop and take pictures.
(see why I love these kids so much!?!)

Our attempts for the perfect military tanker picture were futile, but the outtakes are hilarious!

Let's try and get a nice group photo sitting in front of the tanker...
Okay...everyone look here...
...or not...
Let's try for close up!
Bright sun will always get ya!
Close...come on Maddox!
Oops, losing two of them now.
Bright sun again...
Their enthusiasm for pictures is fading!

How about switching to individual pictures?
That bright sun really gets him!

Trying hard!

When all else fails, just get the sister, right?

Love the giggles they get when they look at these pictures!
Better memories than if they would have turned out perfect, I think!


Mandi said...

I've missed you bloggy friend!

Jenn said...

So fun!