Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween has been pretty mild here today!  Two boys under the weather gave me a reason to stay home and catch up on the crazy that life has been for the last week!  
In Iowa, we have a way of doing things ahead of schedule.  Our Harvest Parties at school were last Friday, we carved pumpkins on Sunday night, and Trick-or-Treating was last night!  We are all costumed, partied, and candied out!
Here's a look at the fun!
I love getting to be the party planner for Cloe and McClain's classes!
Cloe's class had fun with a Fear Factor Theme!  There were seven crazy stunts for the kids...thankfully no one puked!  They really got into chanting:  FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR FOR ME!   Great kids!

 The kids drew their own designs on the pumpkins, Cody carved them, and I roasted the seeds!  

Pretty cute jack o'lanterns here!

 It was a beautiful night for some Trick-or-Treats!
We had fun walking around to our neighbors' houses, telling funny jokes, and scoring scads of candy!  We love our neighborhood!  (the little old lady giving our hot chocolate...she's our total favorite!)
Our little Sumo Batman needed his own picture!
He stayed nice and toasty in his snowsuit stuffed into a costume!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, too!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas is Coming! {GIVEAWAY!!!}

{{{Giveaway is Closed--Congratulations to comment #10 Ellen at Svennes Punkin Patch!}}}

Do you know what is two months and ten days away?


So, do you know what needs to be going in my mailbox in two months?


My mom always taught me, "If you don't send them, you won't get them!"

Since I LOVE getting surprises in my mailbox--especially at Christmas--of fun pictures and fancy cards from friends and family, we send them!

Can you guess where our favorite place is to get our Christmas cards made?


We're pretty loyal Shutterfly fans around here.

Shutterfly is the best at coming up with new collections of cards that feature everything from traditional colors and embellishments to merry and bright colors that take on a modern snazzy feel.  They always have something that we love!  They also have crazy awesome Special Offers!

Here are a few cards in the running for the Crigger Christmas Card:

 The kids pick this one!

 The Pinterest browsing part of me picks this one!

And this one would win the most brownie points with the Grandmas!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What Christmas card will you be picking?

Check out Shutterfly's Christmas Cards and let me know your favorite design!

...and for sharing in the fun and excitement of Christmas cards, I'll pick one comment to win $50 to spend at Shutterfly!  Pretty awesome, yes?

Leave your comment by October 29, 2012!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Little Celebrity!

Look whose picture made the newspaper!