Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas is Coming! {GIVEAWAY!!!}

{{{Giveaway is Closed--Congratulations to comment #10 Ellen at Svennes Punkin Patch!}}}

Do you know what is two months and ten days away?


So, do you know what needs to be going in my mailbox in two months?


My mom always taught me, "If you don't send them, you won't get them!"

Since I LOVE getting surprises in my mailbox--especially at Christmas--of fun pictures and fancy cards from friends and family, we send them!

Can you guess where our favorite place is to get our Christmas cards made?


We're pretty loyal Shutterfly fans around here.

Shutterfly is the best at coming up with new collections of cards that feature everything from traditional colors and embellishments to merry and bright colors that take on a modern snazzy feel.  They always have something that we love!  They also have crazy awesome Special Offers!

Here are a few cards in the running for the Crigger Christmas Card:

 The kids pick this one!

 The Pinterest browsing part of me picks this one!

And this one would win the most brownie points with the Grandmas!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What Christmas card will you be picking?

Check out Shutterfly's Christmas Cards and let me know your favorite design!

...and for sharing in the fun and excitement of Christmas cards, I'll pick one comment to win $50 to spend at Shutterfly!  Pretty awesome, yes?

Leave your comment by October 29, 2012!

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Unknown said...

How fun!!! I love shutterfly! Love the picture of Chloe in the paper- what a doll!

sara said...

I am a pretty devoted Shutterfly fan too!! and guess what? My shutterfly Christmas cards came in the mail Saturday!!!! yep, already have them not like me! It was hard to pick this year, but I LOVE the ones I chose...however, it's a secret till Xmas....can I still be in the giveaway?!!! :)

Jessica said...

Well, I love the one with the kiddos together. Ridiculously cute. But Maddox's face is priceless in the first one. That should be on people's refrigerators, giving people the gift of a good chuckle all throughout the year. --Jess

Mandi said...

The only problem with Shutterfly is... the options, for those of us who like EVERYTHING! :) Love the one with all your kiddos - too sweet. I think we'll go pretty simple this year - maybe a verse or just a single christmas bulb or something. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm your brother. That should win me $50.


Your brother

Rachel said...

Londa I love the picture of the kids such a good picture. I love shutterfly, because of all the choices. I spend hours upon hours trying to figure out which card I like the best and continue to second guess myself. However you just can't go wrong with any of them.

mickie said...

I like the first one!! Very cute! Hope to see you soon. Miss you guys!

Erica said...

When we get cards with pictures, we like to cut out the pictures and keep them in a prayer journal photo album. We love looking at them all year and praying for our family and friend. I am sorry to say that plain cards just get tossed. All that to say, my vote is for the picture with all your kids. Plus, how you got all kids looking at the same time is a miracle. Very Christmas card worthy!

Jackie said...

Ooooh, I love Shutterfly - I used them the last two years for our Christmas cards, and they were awesome! So hard to pick one design, but I love the Family Moments card.

Ellen@SvennesPunkinPatch said...

Ok, so I love all of your pictures...the one of Maddox is adorable! I have been contemplating your very question for about a week now so that I can order cards! I think my two favorite designs are the flurry of snow one and the joyful blessings. At least that is what I've decided for may change as I something else may strike me differently on another day :)

Amy said...

I guess I got my computer back at a great time! I'm just now catching up on your blog. I LOOOOVE Shutterfly! Grandma's have come to expect one for Christmas each year. When my hubby mentioned to his mom we would probably do something different this year (HIS words, not mine), she flipped! ;) I need to do Christmas cards too. I used to do them before kids... :) But I love getting them, so I should send them! :)

James and Christen said...

My favorites on Shutterfly are Elegant frames and Joyful blessings. They are all so nice. My favorite one of yours is the one with all the kids. They are growing up so much. I know I have never met them in person but have kept up with them via your blog and it is neat to see them growing:)

Thanks for the reminder to get going on my Christmas cards for this year-- Time is flying!

Mark and Laura said...

Christen told me I needed to sign up for your shutterfly giveaway. I never actually tried it out but if I win it then I guess I will have to check out what all the fuss is about. =)

I LOVE the picture of all your kids. You should make the grandma's happy and go with that one. =)

colleen said...

I love the one with all 4 kids holding handset- very sweet!