Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Perfect Sick-Day Project

Last Monday, we got that dreaded phone call from the school nurse, 
"I have Cloe here in my office.  She's not feeling so great..."

Thankfully, it was a super quick bug which she slept off with a nice four hour nap.
(and thankfully nothing too embarrassing happened at school when this sickness came on!)

This left us with the WHOLE NEXT DAY of togetherness while she waited out the 24-hour return period.
Seriously, who doesn't love having an extra pair of excited, helpful hands around the house!

Because the housework went so much faster with her around, we decided to pull out a canvas, sheets of pretty scrapbook paper, some glue and a random assortment of little embellishments.

She went to town!  
Cutting, placing, gluing. 
When all the paper was in place just exactly how she wanted it, we covered the canvas with a few layers of mod-podge.  I think she'll have no problem catching on to my love for the shiny polish!

When that had dried, she added fun little buttons and flowers.

 It turned out so cute!

She even had a show-and-share time the day she went back to school, so all of her friends got to see her cute masterpiece!

The boys can't wait for their turn at a sick day! ;)


Sarah said...

super cute! love it! way to make sick day a fun day ;)