Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Share the LOVE!

I'm so excited about the plans that came together today for the Valentine's Classroom Parties at our kids' school.  I wanted to pass along the ideas because they are so easy but also so fun and encouraging!

Cloe's fourth grade class is going to be participating in a service project for Child Life at Blank Children's Hospital.

Child Life is a wonderful service that provides entertainment, encouragement, and much more for children and families.  We found ourselves at the hospital often when Carson was a baby, and Child Life was always there ready to entertain him with fun toys, games, and books.  They also helped us with the care of our other children while we visited with doctors.  Seriously, LOVE those people!  I'm sure anyone who has had a child at Blank can attest to their awesome service!

The fourth graders are going to be bringing in donations from Child Life's Wish List.  During the classroom party, we are going to assemble Craft Bags for the children at the hospital to make.  Pinterest provided some super cute ideas:

We hope all those bright colorful crafts will brighten a lot of little people's days!

McClain's First Grade Class is going to be participating in a service project for St. Jude's Hospital.
A family in his class has very close ties to St. Jude's as their daughter underwent treatment there for a brain tumor.  She is doing awesome now, and they can't say enough good things about St. Jude's!

One of the things provided for St. Jude's families from the housing facilities is a mailbox for each child.  Friends, family, and complete strangers can send cards of encouragement and well-wishes.  We are hoping our little notes and goodies will brighten the day of children that are going through tough times.

Here are the ideas we'll be tweaking and using for our cards to St. Jude's:

We'll also have notes attached to matchbox cars that say, "We WHEELIE hope you feel better soon!"

And notes on popcorn:  Just POPPING in to say "hi"!

Jedi's holding glow sticks:  "May the FORCE be with you".

We are all so excited for our little Share the Love campaign!  
We hope you'll jump on board and brighten someone's day with a little extra love!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The craziness of life!

Cody took the kids sledding awhile back.
They had a blast!

 Mr. No Fear

 Mr. Look No-Hands
Miss Scream-the-Whole Way Down

Glad they got to enjoy the snow before it got SO cold!


The kids are all taking turns participating in toy surveys for a research company.  
The "pay" is $20 or a toy.  They all think they are pretty hot stuff earning cash and prizes!  (I have to agree--it is pretty cool!)

*As we waited for McClain's survey to begin, the most bizarre situation played out.  A poor little guy was really complaining to his mom about his toes and foot hurting.  She very loudly proceeded to announce to the entire room that if he would pay attention, he wouldn't get his foot run over.
RUN OVER?  Seriously.
She went on and on how it was just fine, his grandpa had backed over it but drove forward to get off of it as soon as he saw the boy standing there, and he needed to quit making such a fuss about it, it couldn't have hurt...  Not sure what the drama was there and wishing there was some way I could have found out that little boy's info to check on his safety!  Crazy!


 We had the boys' BIG birthday party.
It was a crazy, good time.

 Here are the party boys!  (minus a few who were stilling swimming)

 Maddox lounged around and watched the craziness.


After the party, things got a little crazy at our house.
(you'll be glad I have no pictures!)
My washing machine broke mid cycle full of towels and swimming suits.
My mom and I polished up our pioneer skills by hand rinsing and wringing them.
Then that night, Cody and my mom were sick in the night and Maddox decided to be awake for a few hours from teething pain.
That led to a very sleepy Sunday morning, where we discovered that our furnace had quit working.
Ever noticed how magnified a crisis is when you're exhausted?
Thankfully, Cody's dad is an amazing fix-it guy.
He fixed our furnace AND our washing machine all in one afternoon!


We celebrated this weekend with our new Fourth Grade Core Leader!
Fourth grade students can nominate peers for this role.
Cloe was so excited to be nominated by a few friends and chosen out of the whole fourth grade class.
It's something she's been hoping for the whole year!
So proud of her!

Another fun week down in our crazy life!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Journaling Life

A life worth living is worth recording.

Recording = remembering.

In college, I journaled diligently for an entire summer.
Guess which summer I remember best from college?
Yes, that summer!

I think the same is true with being a mom and having children.
When I write special events down or blog about them, I remember them SO much better.
It goes without saying, I probably won't remember much of last year!  This ole blog was full of cobwebs for much of time!

My goal this year is to record our lives with more regular posts.
If you think our lives are boring or uneventful, feel free to unsubscribe.
Numbers don't matter a hoot here!
Remembering, however, matters quite a bit to me!

SO here it goes!

Kicking off the year birthday style:
Happy 7th birthday to our New Year's boys!
It's been a year of Superhero obsession!
Thank goodness for the birthday cake ideas on Pinterest!
(and gracious kids who overlook all the imperfections!)

The birthday boys' choice of dinner:
Beef and Quinoa Meatballs and Spaghetti
*Winner of the Best Meatballs Ever Award!*

This is our survival picture.
Seriously, twin boys can stress a person out at times.
Thankfully, they're still alive...

Next Up:
A few years ago we took our college kids to the Passion Conference.
We love that we can catch the conference on livestream now.
 A little fire, tea, dill crackers, and Louie = a great night!

This boy:  18 months old and loving life
Whereas the other kids have loved riding in the stroller, this boy: not so much.
Stroller surfing is all the rage.
 He is silly and sweet and such a handful at times!
The two's should be interesting!

 Then there's this sweetie-pie.
She's growing up all too quickly!
We got to visit her classroom for the Fourth Grade Family Reunion.
Families Trees and Folk Dancing Fun!

And then there was this day...yesterday.
Four teeth gone and a fitting for a spacer.
Braces to come.
At one point, the dentist looked at me and said, "This is like the real growing up stuff."
Boo.  Yes it is.

So, we're hanging on as life flies by!
It's a wrap for the first ten days into 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


These boys...
 what fascinating stories they can weave
 imaginations times two and working together
 creative and bright
 silly and sweet
  mischievous and curious
 they're a pair, they say
 what one doesn't think of, the other one will
 overly protective and fiercely defensive of each other
 each others' biggest fan
 ready to conquer the world superhero style
seven years of these spectacular boys