Thursday, January 10, 2013

Journaling Life

A life worth living is worth recording.

Recording = remembering.

In college, I journaled diligently for an entire summer.
Guess which summer I remember best from college?
Yes, that summer!

I think the same is true with being a mom and having children.
When I write special events down or blog about them, I remember them SO much better.
It goes without saying, I probably won't remember much of last year!  This ole blog was full of cobwebs for much of time!

My goal this year is to record our lives with more regular posts.
If you think our lives are boring or uneventful, feel free to unsubscribe.
Numbers don't matter a hoot here!
Remembering, however, matters quite a bit to me!

SO here it goes!

Kicking off the year birthday style:
Happy 7th birthday to our New Year's boys!
It's been a year of Superhero obsession!
Thank goodness for the birthday cake ideas on Pinterest!
(and gracious kids who overlook all the imperfections!)

The birthday boys' choice of dinner:
Beef and Quinoa Meatballs and Spaghetti
*Winner of the Best Meatballs Ever Award!*

This is our survival picture.
Seriously, twin boys can stress a person out at times.
Thankfully, they're still alive...

Next Up:
A few years ago we took our college kids to the Passion Conference.
We love that we can catch the conference on livestream now.
 A little fire, tea, dill crackers, and Louie = a great night!

This boy:  18 months old and loving life
Whereas the other kids have loved riding in the stroller, this boy: not so much.
Stroller surfing is all the rage.
 He is silly and sweet and such a handful at times!
The two's should be interesting!

 Then there's this sweetie-pie.
She's growing up all too quickly!
We got to visit her classroom for the Fourth Grade Family Reunion.
Families Trees and Folk Dancing Fun!

And then there was this day...yesterday.
Four teeth gone and a fitting for a spacer.
Braces to come.
At one point, the dentist looked at me and said, "This is like the real growing up stuff."
Boo.  Yes it is.

So, we're hanging on as life flies by!
It's a wrap for the first ten days into 2013!


Mandi said...

Beautiful fam, Londa. I always enjoy a good Crigger update :) Our babies would have a good time together - we should set up a play time!

peter marie said...

I so regret not blogging at all last year... I need to start back at it too, just for me to look back at! Looking forward to reading your stories more often.