Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today was a crazy, unpredictable sort of day!

It all started this morning with the weather.
The "light snow" predicted turned to a really heavy snowfall and made for some slippery, snow-packed roads on the way to school.
I dropped the kids off at the crosswalk and watched them cross with the crossing guard (a super nice teacher).
As I waited to turn out on the road to go home, the crossing guard was taking more kids across the street.  I noticed a Yukon coming extra fast toward the crosswalk.  All of a sudden, he started honking and floored it--right at the crossing guard.  She waived her stop sign but thankfully, jumped back just in time as he drove by shaking his fist at her.   I literally thought I was going to see a horrible accident happen right before my eyes...it could have been SO tragic!  
She looked at me in shock, so I rolled down my window and yelled that I would try to catch his license plate number.  He was barreling down the road already but had to stop at the stop sign.  I caught a picture of his vehicle, but couldn't get his license plate due to the lovely motorized scooter on the back.
 He turned the same way as I was headed for home, so I followed him.  He continued to drive so recklessly--trying to accelerate so much in the snow that is car was turning sideways.  It was crazy!  There were so many "almost" accidents that I decided to call 911.  The operator asked if I could follow just a little longer and try to get a license plate number.  The traffic got heavier as we got closer to the interstate, so he had to slow down a little.  I finally caught a glimpse of the license plate number and gave it to the operator.  My heart was seriously about ready to pound out of my chest!  This guy was so crazy and had nearly caused so many accidents--the crossing guard and all those children near there really got me!  
I headed home and watched the snow continue to fall like crazy.
Maddox and I had to run an errand, so we picked up a treat and took it to the school for the crossing guard teacher.  I ran into her in the hallway, and she said the incident had really shaken her.  I so hope the police were able to talk to the guy!  I kind of want to sit and watch for him tomorrow...but really, what would I do?  Ram him with my car?  Shaky my fist at him?  Really, I've got nothing.  Hopefully, he won't be around!
(phew...had to get that all out...)

The snow kept coming like crazy and an early out was finally called.
I like early outs--the school day still counts but I get more time with all of them!

We had a good time trying to clear the driveway.
 We were out of shovels, so Maddox got a baseball bat.
Sometimes it stinks to be the baby of the family!
 I'm not a big fan of this weather!  It hurts!  This was a "doing it for the kids" moment!
 Mac was super serious about his duty to clear the driveway.  He's such a hard worker!
 Carson is the big cheese.  He liked the ice pick for short little stents of work and clearing in between his loud singing and giggling. 
Cloe actually worked the longest at clearing the driveway because she remembered to bring all of her snow gear from home, so she rewarded herself by diving in the fresh snow and building an igloo.
Shoveling parties aren't so bad...

but I'd take squeezing together for a picture on a beach, too...
as long as it's with these sweeties!

And that ends our Snowy CrAzY day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Ready to link up for another great week!

The Weather:::
The sun deceptively made it seem like a warm day, but at least we had sun!  Thankfully, the winter storm was over-hyped last Thursday and Friday as we had to drive to Chicago for Cody's class.  The interstate was still a little precarious!  We saw an SUV spin out into the median and were just a few minutes ahead of a major accident.  We have one more trip to make in April, let's hope spring weather is here to stay by then! 

Right now I am: 
Drinking tea and waiting for Cody to get home from basketball.  The kids are all tucked in bed; they were so worn out from our busy weekend!

Maddox had a well-baby check-up today, and, as with most teething babies, he had some fluid in his ears.  His little tubes were actually clogged, so the pediatrician sent us over to the ENT to have the tubes cleaned out.  He got all the icky fluid out of his ear.  Then the ENT prescribed antibiotics...I SO don't want to put him on antibiotics.  (He has no fever, is eating and sleeping well, acts fine--not in pain...seems healthy but teething...) Trying to decide what to do!  Thoughts, tips or advice???

All the ear business really wore him out!
On my reading pile:::
Bible--1 Kings
Some fun magazines and blog posts are waiting, too

On my tv::: 
Guys with Kids--seriously, so funny!

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
Jen Wilken wrote a fantastic post on Christian Sub-culture and the Stay-at-home Mom

Something fun to share:::
We took the kids with us to Chicago for Cody's class.  On Friday, Cody dropped us off at the hotel to swim and play during his class.
 We had the pool all to ourselves for the afternoon!  The big kids remembered so much from their swimming lessons last summer--it was so fun have little races and splash contests!
The hotel had a manager's reception that served veggies and dip, pita chips and hummus, popcorn and soda.  That pretty much set us up perfectly for a few fun episodes of Full House!  (gotta love cable tv!)

Saturday, we dropped Cody off and headed to do some shopping.

First up was Ikea!
The kids love their maps and like to navigate our way through each store.  Thankfully, we did NOT eat the meatballs.  Seriously, do you think they're actually using horse meat?  Gag!

We hit the Lego Store next.
 Everyone had fun putting together houses and Lego people.
There are also some serious Lego wish lists floating around now!  

Oh, Anthropolgie.
There is nothing in this store that I would turn down...
My wish list may have added a few things here!

We picked up Cody and drove a few miles from the university to catch a glimpse of Lake Michigan:

On the menu for this week:::
Soups.  In a rut.  It's cold outside and soup seems to be the only thing I can think of to cook.  I probably should spend some quality time on Pinterest finding some new dishes! 

Monday -  Leftovers from our awesome new Acts Group
Tuesday - Taco Soup
Wednesday - Willow Creek Cafe :)
Thursday -  Zuppa Tuscano Soup!  This one never gets old! 
Friday - 
Saturday - 
Sunday - 

On my to do list:::

I really need to make some granola bars with no sugar.  All of the kids love granola bars!
I'm pretty sure there are some out-grown kids clothing that needs to find its way into the garage sale bins!

Lots of little "appointments"...follow-up for Maddox to get his shots and he sees the ENT again, Cloe has an orthodontist visit again,  a fun cooking class tomorrow, two Bible Studies on Wednesday, a birthday party, gymnastics...and fit in some online work, laundry, meals, cleaning, piano lessons...normal, but busy week! 

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I found a super cute Easter gift idea for our neighbors.  They'll hopefully all get "Egged!"

Homemaking Tips:::
A clean home creates peace.

Looking around the house:::
Just my new throw from my sister for my birthday (love it!), a space heater (because I'm frozen here) and a mug of tea.  

From the camera:::

Little Monkey!

On my prayer list:::
That silly rental house REALLY needs to sell!!!
A high school friend lost her dad this weekend.  
Maddox's ears!
Lots of opportunities with people who need the Gospel--especially with Easter coming!

Bible verse, Devotional:::
1 John 3:18  Dear Children, let us not love in word or speech, but with actions and in truth.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Happy President's Day!

Our kids had school today BUT we have Friday OFF!
Woot!  Woot!  Love LONG weekends that start on Thursday!

I also love the cheerful start to the week my friend Mandi always has on her blog with her Happy Homemaker Monday posts.  So this week, we're going to try linking up with Sandra at The Diary of a Stay at Home Mom blog too!  

The Weather:::
Ack!  It was SO nice and sunny this morning!  We used a giftcard to go out for coffee and stopped at a few stores.  Cody washed the car in our driveway.  Then...BOOM...gray skies, flurries, and blustery winds landed.  I'm SO ready for spring!

Right now I am: 
Drinking some hot fruity tea, mapping a few energy bills to properties (I love a job I can do from home!), and waiting for Cody to get home from basketball.

I really need a few things at the grocery store tomorrow, but I really really don't want to take Maddox out in the cold!  I also need to do more laundry...why do we have to wear so many clothes?  84 socks, 42 undies, 42 shirts and pants...wish we were a little more like the French in this area! ;)

On my reading pile:::
Bible--need to dig into 1 Kings a little more so I can keep up with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  (Listen here...you'll love it!)
Loving the Little Years...again.  So many good tidbits that I need to soak them up again.
Um...some of those other books collecting dust right beside my bed.

On my tv:::
The news...crazy weather coming later this week!  Feeling a little obsessed with total snowfall numbers.
Last Man Standing...hil.ar.i.ous.
Malcolm in the Middle.  Thank you very much, Netflix!

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
I'm pretty thrilled that Maddox got his own little post yesterday!  I know if I don't start blogging more, there are going to be some great memories forgotten all too quickly!

Something fun to share:::
Hmmm...just came home from a PTO meeting at our school and found out the the cornfield near our home is going to be turned into more shops.  Well, isn't that fun!

On the menu for this week:::
Well, yikes!  I'm not actually a very good menu planner!  Our meals often go:  type what we have on hand into the Whole Foods App and see what pops up!  I try to have plenty of fresh produce on hand and a well stocked spice cupboard.  It's fun, but I really should work on the menu planning skill!
Monday - Carnitas in the crockpot...yum!  We've been topping our tacos with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro: the best!
Tuesday - Something not super smelly because I have a meeting here and I super dislike having overwhelming lingering food smells.  That's some great direction, yes?
Wednesday - Willow Creek Cafe!
Thursday -  Something super simple because Cody has a meeting and will be gone
Friday - Menu?  Just hoping to make it to Friday (haha)
Saturday - something fun!
Sunday - Lunch out with family and Super Nachos with our Small Group!

On my to do list:::

Laundry, of course
Straightening up the catch-all room after Valentine's sort of blew up in there last week
Preparing some yummy baked pears for my meeting tomorrow
(stuff I'd like to do but probably will keep putting it off: print new pictures for the walls, paint the canvas for our bedroom, sort through clothes and clear out what's unneeded or outgrown, complete all things "pinned"...haha)  

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well, how about What my mom is sewing for me:::  we pinned a dozen little taggies to use for baby gifts, and my mom is sewing them all for me!  I think it sounds fun to crochet or knit on a cold, windy winter night like tonight, but my Grandma Nelsen told me I was pretty hopeless at that sort of thing when I was nine years old.  (I was great at tangles and knots!) So, I guess I'll stick with drinking tea and blogging!

Homemaking Tips:::
I'm realizing that my kids will only know how to help around the house to the extent that I teach and allow them to be involved.  SO...I need to be more intentional about giving and directly tasks (not the whole "it's easier and faster for me just to do it" all the time).

Looking around the house:::
Piano books are out which is a good sign that practicing happened today!  My Valentine's banner is still going strong; it's red and matches my kitchen so well!  I have issues with switching out seasonal decorations in a timely manner!  LOVE my new mantle decor which is hinting at SPRING!

From the camera:::

Cody took Cloe to a Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday Night.  The whole evening and all the details that went into it were pretty special!  I found Cloe a new sparkly dress for $4 at The Children's Place and matching shoes for $5 at Justice.  Cody pulled out a sweet Western suit that had belonged to his Grandpa Bucky.  It was tailored for his Grandpa by his Step-Grandma Vergene who is an amazing seamstress.  The fit was so perfect it almost got us choked up!  The wide polyester tie was a perfect match for the dress!  The icing on the cake was as special hair appointment for Cloe.  I got to use a birthday couple for a free wash and style!  The two of them couldn't have looked more snazzy!

On my prayer list:::
The silly rental house that we are still trying to sell.  Really praying it sells soon as it's a constant drain on the brain...and the bank account.
Praying our kids would grow to love Jesus with everything they've got!
Praising for the awesome growth we are seeing in people we're working with.
Praising for a great new Small Group and the new friendships forming.
Praying that our Orthodontist and his wife would visit our church.  

Bible verse, Devotional:::
From Willow Creek:  When we trust in self, our greatest strengths often give birth to our greatest weaknesses BUT when we depend on His grace, He changes our weaknesses into His strength.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your name might be Maddox if...

Your name might be Maddox if...
...you get antsy in the stroller after 30 seconds of shopping and decide to develop your own Xtreme Sport:  Stroller Surfing.
 ...you're torn between your love of eating and your need for a late-morning nap, so you continue to shove snacks in your mouth while catching a little shut-eye.
 ...you capitalize on every opportunity to push buttons and move sliders...every.single.one.
 ...you have a closet full of the most awesome toys, yet you find more enjoyment dragging out all the bowls and kitchen utensils for a little cooking segment with Rachael Ray.
 ...you have a natural love for all things AIRPLANE!  (Grandpa, we're getting ready for a little ride!)
 ...you have mastered the official Spaghetti Face.  
Noodles stuck on cheek while shoving it in by the fistful: check.

Your name might be Maddox if...
 ...you will snuggle up with anyone--as long as you have a bottle full of warm milk!
 ...you loved sugar so much that mommy and daddy figured out it was doing weird things to your system.  This was your last cookie for awhile, buddy! 

 ...you've subtly (or not so subtly) figured out how to worm your way in the middle of all your brothers' set-ups--and they don't even mind!
 ...it breaks your heart to have to let go of mommy for two seconds to have your pictures taken with your siblings.
 ...you think eating a muffin means shoving the entire thing in your mouth and then slowly gulping it down.  (Squawk for more. Repeat)
 ...you love to spend your days hanging on your mommy's leg, especially when said leg is wearing tights!
...you get all the free rides you want in a handy dandy dump truck from three very willing chauffeurs.
Your name might be Maddox if you have the sweetest, most kissable cheeks, 
the biggest, most crystal blue eyes, 
hair that sticks up in the back all.the.time, 
little legs that take your tall body running all over the place,
a big head that leans way forward whenever you want to peak in on a situation,
a vocabulary that includes all sorts of words like "dad" and "bye-bye" and "please" and "sorry" and "Clo" and "Greta" for your special girl, yet seems to avoid "ma-ma",
sweet little red lips that love to kiss.

Your name might be Maddox if you're the best little BONUS
a family could have ever imagined!