Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Happy President's Day!

Our kids had school today BUT we have Friday OFF!
Woot!  Woot!  Love LONG weekends that start on Thursday!

I also love the cheerful start to the week my friend Mandi always has on her blog with her Happy Homemaker Monday posts.  So this week, we're going to try linking up with Sandra at The Diary of a Stay at Home Mom blog too!  

The Weather:::
Ack!  It was SO nice and sunny this morning!  We used a giftcard to go out for coffee and stopped at a few stores.  Cody washed the car in our driveway.  Then...BOOM...gray skies, flurries, and blustery winds landed.  I'm SO ready for spring!

Right now I am: 
Drinking some hot fruity tea, mapping a few energy bills to properties (I love a job I can do from home!), and waiting for Cody to get home from basketball.

I really need a few things at the grocery store tomorrow, but I really really don't want to take Maddox out in the cold!  I also need to do more laundry...why do we have to wear so many clothes?  84 socks, 42 undies, 42 shirts and pants...wish we were a little more like the French in this area! ;)

On my reading pile:::
Bible--need to dig into 1 Kings a little more so I can keep up with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  (Listen'll love it!)
Loving the Little Years...again.  So many good tidbits that I need to soak them up again.
Um...some of those other books collecting dust right beside my bed.

On my tv:::
The news...crazy weather coming later this week!  Feeling a little obsessed with total snowfall numbers.
Last Man
Malcolm in the Middle.  Thank you very much, Netflix!

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
I'm pretty thrilled that Maddox got his own little post yesterday!  I know if I don't start blogging more, there are going to be some great memories forgotten all too quickly!

Something fun to share:::
Hmmm...just came home from a PTO meeting at our school and found out the the cornfield near our home is going to be turned into more shops.  Well, isn't that fun!

On the menu for this week:::
Well, yikes!  I'm not actually a very good menu planner!  Our meals often go:  type what we have on hand into the Whole Foods App and see what pops up!  I try to have plenty of fresh produce on hand and a well stocked spice cupboard.  It's fun, but I really should work on the menu planning skill!
Monday - Carnitas in the crockpot...yum!  We've been topping our tacos with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro: the best!
Tuesday - Something not super smelly because I have a meeting here and I super dislike having overwhelming lingering food smells.  That's some great direction, yes?
Wednesday - Willow Creek Cafe!
Thursday -  Something super simple because Cody has a meeting and will be gone
Friday - Menu?  Just hoping to make it to Friday (haha)
Saturday - something fun!
Sunday - Lunch out with family and Super Nachos with our Small Group!

On my to do list:::

Laundry, of course
Straightening up the catch-all room after Valentine's sort of blew up in there last week
Preparing some yummy baked pears for my meeting tomorrow
(stuff I'd like to do but probably will keep putting it off: print new pictures for the walls, paint the canvas for our bedroom, sort through clothes and clear out what's unneeded or outgrown, complete all things "pinned"...haha)  

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well, how about What my mom is sewing for me:::  we pinned a dozen little taggies to use for baby gifts, and my mom is sewing them all for me!  I think it sounds fun to crochet or knit on a cold, windy winter night like tonight, but my Grandma Nelsen told me I was pretty hopeless at that sort of thing when I was nine years old.  (I was great at tangles and knots!) So, I guess I'll stick with drinking tea and blogging!

Homemaking Tips:::
I'm realizing that my kids will only know how to help around the house to the extent that I teach and allow them to be involved.  SO...I need to be more intentional about giving and directly tasks (not the whole "it's easier and faster for me just to do it" all the time).

Looking around the house:::
Piano books are out which is a good sign that practicing happened today!  My Valentine's banner is still going strong; it's red and matches my kitchen so well!  I have issues with switching out seasonal decorations in a timely manner!  LOVE my new mantle decor which is hinting at SPRING!

From the camera:::

Cody took Cloe to a Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday Night.  The whole evening and all the details that went into it were pretty special!  I found Cloe a new sparkly dress for $4 at The Children's Place and matching shoes for $5 at Justice.  Cody pulled out a sweet Western suit that had belonged to his Grandpa Bucky.  It was tailored for his Grandpa by his Step-Grandma Vergene who is an amazing seamstress.  The fit was so perfect it almost got us choked up!  The wide polyester tie was a perfect match for the dress!  The icing on the cake was as special hair appointment for Cloe.  I got to use a birthday couple for a free wash and style!  The two of them couldn't have looked more snazzy!

On my prayer list:::
The silly rental house that we are still trying to sell.  Really praying it sells soon as it's a constant drain on the brain...and the bank account.
Praying our kids would grow to love Jesus with everything they've got!
Praising for the awesome growth we are seeing in people we're working with.
Praising for a great new Small Group and the new friendships forming.
Praying that our Orthodontist and his wife would visit our church.  

Bible verse, Devotional:::
From Willow Creek:  When we trust in self, our greatest strengths often give birth to our greatest weaknesses BUT when we depend on His grace, He changes our weaknesses into His strength.


Sandra said...

Hi Londa, so glad you're joining in my Happy Homemaker Monday, it's always great to see new faces :)

Ugh do I hear you on the laundry, it really is never ending. I often say we should just move to a nudist colony LOL

Hope your meeting goes well :)

Love the picture of your hubby and daughter, how sweet.

Have a fantastic week and enjoy your long weekend :)

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