Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today was a crazy, unpredictable sort of day!

It all started this morning with the weather.
The "light snow" predicted turned to a really heavy snowfall and made for some slippery, snow-packed roads on the way to school.
I dropped the kids off at the crosswalk and watched them cross with the crossing guard (a super nice teacher).
As I waited to turn out on the road to go home, the crossing guard was taking more kids across the street.  I noticed a Yukon coming extra fast toward the crosswalk.  All of a sudden, he started honking and floored it--right at the crossing guard.  She waived her stop sign but thankfully, jumped back just in time as he drove by shaking his fist at her.   I literally thought I was going to see a horrible accident happen right before my eyes...it could have been SO tragic!  
She looked at me in shock, so I rolled down my window and yelled that I would try to catch his license plate number.  He was barreling down the road already but had to stop at the stop sign.  I caught a picture of his vehicle, but couldn't get his license plate due to the lovely motorized scooter on the back.
 He turned the same way as I was headed for home, so I followed him.  He continued to drive so recklessly--trying to accelerate so much in the snow that is car was turning sideways.  It was crazy!  There were so many "almost" accidents that I decided to call 911.  The operator asked if I could follow just a little longer and try to get a license plate number.  The traffic got heavier as we got closer to the interstate, so he had to slow down a little.  I finally caught a glimpse of the license plate number and gave it to the operator.  My heart was seriously about ready to pound out of my chest!  This guy was so crazy and had nearly caused so many accidents--the crossing guard and all those children near there really got me!  
I headed home and watched the snow continue to fall like crazy.
Maddox and I had to run an errand, so we picked up a treat and took it to the school for the crossing guard teacher.  I ran into her in the hallway, and she said the incident had really shaken her.  I so hope the police were able to talk to the guy!  I kind of want to sit and watch for him tomorrow...but really, what would I do?  Ram him with my car?  Shaky my fist at him?  Really, I've got nothing.  Hopefully, he won't be around!
(phew...had to get that all out...)

The snow kept coming like crazy and an early out was finally called.
I like early outs--the school day still counts but I get more time with all of them!

We had a good time trying to clear the driveway.
 We were out of shovels, so Maddox got a baseball bat.
Sometimes it stinks to be the baby of the family!
 I'm not a big fan of this weather!  It hurts!  This was a "doing it for the kids" moment!
 Mac was super serious about his duty to clear the driveway.  He's such a hard worker!
 Carson is the big cheese.  He liked the ice pick for short little stents of work and clearing in between his loud singing and giggling. 
Cloe actually worked the longest at clearing the driveway because she remembered to bring all of her snow gear from home, so she rewarded herself by diving in the fresh snow and building an igloo.
Shoveling parties aren't so bad...

but I'd take squeezing together for a picture on a beach, too...
as long as it's with these sweeties!

And that ends our Snowy CrAzY day!


Mandi said...

SO SCARY! wow. Way to be a citizen and follow him around!