Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your name might be Maddox if...

Your name might be Maddox if... get antsy in the stroller after 30 seconds of shopping and decide to develop your own Xtreme Sport:  Stroller Surfing.'re torn between your love of eating and your need for a late-morning nap, so you continue to shove snacks in your mouth while catching a little shut-eye. capitalize on every opportunity to push buttons and move have a closet full of the most awesome toys, yet you find more enjoyment dragging out all the bowls and kitchen utensils for a little cooking segment with Rachael Ray. have a natural love for all things AIRPLANE!  (Grandpa, we're getting ready for a little ride!) have mastered the official Spaghetti Face.  
Noodles stuck on cheek while shoving it in by the fistful: check.

Your name might be Maddox if... will snuggle up with anyone--as long as you have a bottle full of warm milk! loved sugar so much that mommy and daddy figured out it was doing weird things to your system.  This was your last cookie for awhile, buddy!'ve subtly (or not so subtly) figured out how to worm your way in the middle of all your brothers' set-ups--and they don't even mind! breaks your heart to have to let go of mommy for two seconds to have your pictures taken with your siblings. think eating a muffin means shoving the entire thing in your mouth and then slowly gulping it down.  (Squawk for more. Repeat) love to spend your days hanging on your mommy's leg, especially when said leg is wearing tights! get all the free rides you want in a handy dandy dump truck from three very willing chauffeurs.
Your name might be Maddox if you have the sweetest, most kissable cheeks, 
the biggest, most crystal blue eyes, 
hair that sticks up in the back all.the.time, 
little legs that take your tall body running all over the place,
a big head that leans way forward whenever you want to peak in on a situation,
a vocabulary that includes all sorts of words like "dad" and "bye-bye" and "please" and "sorry" and "Clo" and "Greta" for your special girl, yet seems to avoid "ma-ma",
sweet little red lips that love to kiss.

Your name might be Maddox if you're the best little BONUS
a family could have ever imagined!