Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Mondays are Cody's day off and I'm pretty sure they go by more quickly than any other day of the week! 

The Weather:::
More snow.  Snow in November, December and January is pretty exciting, but when it's snowing in March, the emotions are much more desperate.  We are ready for spring!

Right now I am: 
Sitting in Cody's comfy chair and writing this post.  

That I really wish I was able to blog more throughout the week.  Funny how I thought life would slow down with three kids in day all day, right?  Not so much.  Oh well.  I wouldn't change a thing; I might just not remember any of it! 

On my reading pile:::
Still trying to read through 1 Kings as we go through it at church.  I think I would do better at having a "on my listening list".  We are listening to tons of Easter music as Cody tries to pick the perfect songs.  I love them all!  Chris Tomlin's new Burning Lights is my current favorite album, but Wayfarer, Matt Redman, Rend Collective, Mumford and Sons, and David Crowder are all artists in the running too!  Christ is Risen by Mike Hohnholz is an awesome song, too!  (See, much more going on here than on the book pile!)

On my tv::: 
Today Show & the news (why do I love the news so much?)

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
I love everything Jen Wilkin writes.  This is a great post on thinking before posting...

Something fun to share:::
This is the flyer for our Willow Creek Extravaganza!  Isn't it a fantastic design by the talented Bridget from our church?  I think I want to frame it!

On the menu for this week:::
We are loving salads right now!  There's a big bag of romaine lettuce and a tub of baby spinach that will be tossed with different veggies this week!

On my to do list:::
Laundry--it's done, just needed taken off the drying racks and put away!
Packing--spring break starts Friday and the kids are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the week.  They are beyond excited!
Easter Invitations--our church has an amazing Easter Extravaganza and the kids really want to invite their friends from school. Special deliveries ahead!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Some super cute pictures that Cody took last summer are getting printed at Costco right now!  Then it's on to canvas and swapping out pictures!  I'm excited for the bright colors and cute faces they'll add to our walls!

Homemaking Tips:::
I am loving the extra help from the kids!  They sorted all the socks, undies, pjs and towels and put them all away.  They are great at picking up toys, dusting and vacuuming.  It's "fun" to see them get a little disgruntled when someone leaves a mess  or catch themselves walking away from a mess because they see the hard work that goes into keeping a house clean.  

Looking around the house:::
It's mostly clean right now!  Having a small group meet here on Sunday nights really gives us a push to have things all clean and picked up...thankfully the cleanliness carries on to Monday most of the time!  Pictures of the kids are streaming on our tv.  I love that! 

From the camera:::
I didn't take very many pictures this week, but I did catch a funny one of Maddox trying to keep up with the big kids playing dress-up!

On my prayer list:::
Maddox continues to have ear issues.  He'll have a new set of tubes put in early Wednesday morning.  The doctor said sometimes the tubes can get a layer of infection that can't be cleared up.  I'll be relieved to be past this stage!  Praying the quick surgery goes smoothly and clears up the issue!
The rental house...maybe a showing?  Thinking praying for patience would be better than praying for a sell?  Pray for both!
We have a lot of people we would LOVE to see at Willow Creek--especially at our special Easter events.  Pray that we will follow through with invitations and that our friends would come!
Safety for our kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the week.  (I'm sure they'll be fine, but I tend to be a worrier when my babies aren't right by my side!)
Our new small group is fantastic!  I'm so thankful for new friendships and people searching to learn more about Jesus!

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Proverbs 4:23  Guard your heart with all vigilance, for from it are the sources of life.


Sandra said...

Praying for your little one's surgery, he is so adorable :)

Sure hope you all start getting warmer weather, we already have green grass and sprinklers on and plants growing. It's so weird how weather can be so different from State to State.

Have a great week :)

peter marie said...

I love reading your Monday posts! I should try at least get me blogging again.
There is a super yummy bag of lettuce at Costco right now full of shredded Kale, cabbage, brocolli, other green stuff. You'll have to add it to your salad rotation!
Have a GREAT week!

melanie said...

Catching up with the links at Sandra's ~ Greetings from another Iowan :)
Thank you for the link to Jen Wilkin's post!!!