Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Happy Homemaker Monday

We just entered our last week of school!  
Summer is so close I can almost feel it!

The weather.....
I think it's safe to say our weather has been all over the map lately!  
We have finally enjoyed a good run of sunny, beautiful days 
with a few thunderstorms and windy days thrown in there (but no snow!).  
The best part about this weather:  
*I don't love pictures of myself...especially on a bike,
BUT we LOVE Maddox's new little bike seat!  He loves it too!  

Right now I am....
Tired!  We had a really busy weekend and it's all crashing in on me today!    
About the people in Oklahoma--the children and teachers in the schools that were hit, those who lost their much devastation! 

On my reading pile....
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  I'm reading it aloud to the kids this week and then we'll finish by watching the movie after the last day of school to decide which we like better.  

On my TV.....
The Nightly News...we're news addicts around here! 

What I found while surfing the net....
Well, not really surfing, but this is a podcast that is TOTALLY worth listening to:  A "Tare"able Parable .  I'm unashamedly proud of our church family and am so excited for how God is working in the lives of our people!  This podcast is SO good, and encouraging, and challenging!  Listen!!!
On the menu for this week....
Lots of easy, summer fun meals!

On my to do list.... uniforms needed tomorrow night!  I'm afraid I'm going to forget!
Homeschool visits
Tidy up around here!
Pick VBS music...that's all fun!

Looking forward to this week....
Lots of baseball, bike rides, reading, and the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Looking around the house....
Not too bad!  Cody always helps me keep things picked up around the house...thankful! 
I also have pretty new flowers blooming in pots outside.  A Greenhouse Groupon was a perfect Mother's Day gift!

From the camera....
Well, hang's been a super busy couple of weeks:
 Guess who has healthy ears for the first time in a LONG time?
 I got to go along with the boys to the zoo for their First Grade Field Trip!
 Then we rushed back to school for the Fourth Grade Hero Wax Museum.
Can you guess who this girl's hero is?
Love it!

Friday was Teacher Appreciation Day.
It's always nice when a Pinterest idea turns out well!
 Then we had a little get-together with our pastors' families.
LOVED finding this picture of some of the girls!  I hope they're always special friends!
A little playtime before school seems to be the best way to start the day!
We had a great big 'ol garage sale here this weekend.  
Maddox was a bit on the too-interactive side of sales.
Saturday, we got to go to Little League Night at the I-Cubs game.
This was the freebie they handed out to everyone.
Seriously. Whitey-tideys!  Size LARGE.  
I think many people probably just restocked their white elephant gift cupboard!  
The kids were mortified!
On the plus side, the weekend had been so busy that I didn't really check the game time, so we ended up at the stadium an hour early!  The kids thought it was cool to get a practice ball from a player!
This is never how you want to view a hail/rain storm...with towels catching drips!
Not sure what happened to our newish window, but I hope it's an easy fix!
This is our favorite end to any storm!

On my prayer list.....
A BIG thank you for praying for Maddox's ears.  PRAISE GOD his little ears are finally clear!  Last week, I just had this sick feeling as the drainage just wouldn't stop.  I called the pediatrician and set up another appointment.  That morning, as I prayed for Maddox, it just felt as if the Holy Spirit brought allergies to mind.  I asked the pediatrician if we could try treating Maddox with some allergy meds.  Our pediatrician is GREAT and said we could give Claritin a try.  He said if it didn't work, we were going to have to have an MRI done.  THANKFULLY, the fluid in his ears cleared up within 24 hours!  Maddox is talking like crazy and going a zillion miles a minute--he's a new kid! figure out what the "natural" allergy medicine would be...

Lots of dear people and their "life situations" are on my heart...

 Bible verse, Devotional....
So, after listening to the podcast, this will make more sense:

We are growing and flourishing in this age because of evil (not in spite of evil). Evil and suffering help us to grow more like Christ!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Do you ever notice that times seems to go faster when the sun is shining?  I'm pretty sure it does!

The weather.....
Well, last week was u.g.l.y.  BUT the sun is back, and the weather is perfect!  Sunshine today, mild breezes, and big beautiful clouds!  I'm not even looking at the forecast because I don't want to know if we lose the warmth any time soon!  It's SO nice!

Right now I am....
Listening to the dishwasher whirring and trying to type this with perfect posture.  I had an appointment with a new chiro last week and evidently I have horrible posture.  Something about a right hip tilting up and knocking everything out of whack...oh yeah, it's called be a mom.  {Being told that just totally hit my sarcastic button.  Really, I'm leaning to the left?  I had no clue that popping a baby on your hip for the last ten years would cause that...rant over.  Just give me my massage!}
About my grocery list!  Why does it seem like we are out of every possible thing all at once.  My list is full of fruits and veggies and healthy foods that need prep time...but the schedule says, "Fix it fast, there's baseball everyday!"  We'll see what happens.  I kind of want to grab some Chinese leftover boxes and box up some super yummy stir fry to eat on the go!
...and thinking that finding TWO ticks on McClain's head today is enough for a lifetime!  ACK!  Thankfully, they were still just sort of crawling around and had not made a home, so they were easy to get off of him.  But still...grooooossss!!!!

On my reading pile....
The Bible.  Sometimes I stress about not having/finding time to read all the goods books that are on my list, but really, the Bible is a perfect read everyday.  It's always with me (on my phone) and is great for quick snip-its or longer reading times.  I don't have to worry about finishing it or returning it.  It's always perfect!  The kids and I started a 7-day Bible reading program on Friendship tonight.  Can't wait to do this with them, too!

On my TV.....
Still catching up on a few old episodes of The Office.

What I found while surfing the net....
I love the 36th Avenue blog.  They have some great Teacher Appreciation ideas this week.

On the menu for this week....
Check back after my trip to Costco. ;)

On my to do list....
Sorting and switching out clothes for SUMMER!
Scheduling end-of-the-year homeschool checks

Looking forward to this week....
A field trip to the zoo with the boys.  Their teachers are so awesome and have worked it out so both boys can be in my group!  

Looking around the house....
Our ceiling fan/light in the living room bit the dust, so we have a big hole in the ceiling until we can find the perfect replacement.  Why is that such a hard decision...and why do those things cost so much?  Just outside our front and back doors are our beautiful freshly stained porch and deck!  That was a quick but intense little project today.  I actually have a blister from the paint brush!  

From the camera....

The clouds were amazing today!

On my prayer list.....
Still praying about Maddox's ear issues.  We absolutely cannot figure out why they are draining so much.  We are seeing the chiropractor and our pediatrician.  We have medicines.  Nothing is working perfectly, although he does seem a bit better than a week ago.  I know it's not the end of the world, but it's still worrisome and stressful to have a child with a chronic problem!  I'm thankful he's so happy despite his ears having to feel pretty awful!

There are some super amazing things happening in the lives of people at Willow Creek!  I love love love all the people at our church and can't express enough thanksgiving for getting to be apart of it all!  

 Bible verse, Devotional....
Here's the verse from the kids' Friendship Bible Reading for today:  
Proverbs 17:17  
A friend is always loyal, 

and a brother is born to help in time of need.