Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crafts with Cloe

We have three smart cookies on summer break who are going to be taking over my blog here and there this summer!  Enjoy!

Summer is a great time for crafts and fun projects!

I found this bird craft idea by looking on Pinterest and combining two ideas.

Here are the supplies you will need:

brown crinkly paper
a glue stick
1 googly eye
a beak
cardstock (blue and brown)
patterned scrapbook paper

Here are the directions:

1.  To make the nest, trace a circle on brown cardstock and cut it in half.  Glue it to the background paper.

2.  Glue the brown crinkly paper to the nest and let it dry. 

4.  Draw the shape of a bird on the back of your patterned paper. Now cut out the bird.

5.  Glue the bird on the tippy top of the nest.  Add details of flowers or anything you like.

6.  Place in a frame and enjoy!

I hope you like this craft and will give it a try!  It was a lot of fun to make!