Friday, July 5, 2013


Happy 2nd Birthday, Maddox!

We love you so much, little man!
Tonight during your special birthday dinner of bratwurst and fruit (your favorite foods!),
we all shared some of our favorite things about you.
We love that you are a boy of very few words, yet we are never lacking in knowing exactly what you want to tell us.  
Your silly facial expressions just continuously crack us up!  
You love to keep up with your big brothers--wrestling, somersaults, standing on one foot, and always swinging a baseball bat.
You love your big sister like crazy and have become her favorite little buddy.
Daddy seems to be your favorite person in the world.  You daily walk around hollering "DAH!" until he walks in the door from work.  Then you stick by his side like glue!
You are one cuddly, loving little boy, always full of kisses and hugs!
We are so thankful God blessed our family with YOU!


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to your little one, how cute is he? :)