Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School...the one who didn't get to go!

Maddox is by far our most sensitive child when it comes to separation anxiety.
Only Maddox is not just sensitive when mommy or daddy leave,  
no, Maddox does not like ANYONE to leave him.  Ever.

Cody caught these super cute pictures of Maddox's emotional morning on the first day of school.

 He knew the backpacks and tennis shoes meant something was about to happen.
 Those kids were were evidently giddy to leave him.
 (Look at us shamelessly capturing his emotions in the reflection on the door!)
 This parting idea was so hard!
 What is it that we don't get about his dislike for separation?
 Oh my, those were heartfelt tears!
 He had to look away.
 There were some pretty flowers that distracted him.
 Maybe he could handle being alone with mommy all day.
 They were really leaving for the whole day.
He fought hard to be tough while they were away.

We made it...and now, I think he likes having the rule of the roost again!