Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our next summer adventure...

So, 24 hours after returning from camp, laundry was completed, suitcases were repacked, and we headed off to Dearborn, Michigan for a week with our church association's annual conference.

Our kids love going to their classes and meeting other PK's.  
We love getting to be with old friends!

This was a pretty fun morning!
Probably bragging, but this guy is my all-time favorite musician! ;)
 Love watching him lead and being a part of the music with him!
(even when he "lets" me play new instruments)

We took so.many.rides on the elevator.
The best part was always the JUMP!
 The next best part was passing by our friends' (the Moores) room and letting the kids knock and run!

Dearborn had some amazing restaurants!
We frequented Ollie's Lebanese Cuisine several times.
These pictures are from their facebook page, but seriously, it was a crazy amount of the most delicious food ever...hummus, falafel, and a lot of other things I couldn't pronounce but were totally amazing!  I don't think a week goes by that I don't crave this food and contemplate how I could get it to my house!

On our way out of town, we stopped by Masri Sweets.
The BEST baklava I've ever tasted!
They also had yummy cream-filled cakes that the kids really enjoyed!
It's probably a good thing we don't have a bakery like this close by!

(On a funny side note, I showed my small town roots when I was a little bit nervous with our large {white, Iowish} family piling into an Arabic bakery...lots of other people in traditional Arabic clothing {not-Iowish}...The bakery was in sort of an odd location next to some sort of lumber yard with a somewhat alley beside it.  But hey, it was a bakery, so I was going to take a risk and be normal and act cultured.  As we were getting out of the car, it began to down pour, so people were really scurrying into the bakery.  Carson yelled loudly, "IS THAT A CREEPY DARK ALLEY?  I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE A CREEPY DARK ALLEY!"  Thanks, dude, for outing us as out-of-towners.  Totally feeling at ease now!)

Glad this guy conked out in the car!
We still had a week of vacation to enjoy before heading home!