Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Fun Recap...

I'm thankful for the surge of energy Summer Vacation brings!

After VBS and Adventureland, we took off bright and early for a week at JUNIOR GIRLS CAMP!

 The bus ride to camp is always a bit like the honeymoon phase...everyone is fully rested and loves each other, big boxes of candy and other junk foods are shared freely, and everyone's ridiculous jokes and obnoxious singing are completely acceptable.  It's a lovely two hours of bliss!

 Every day we trek all over the massive campgrounds for chapel, games, activities, and team competitions.  
One day, my tracker said we'd walked 4 miles by 3:00 pm!

Minnow Mania is not for the faint-hearted!
 The girls ran to the water tank, grabbed a minnow (alive or floating) and ran it back to the team jar.  It was a game with mixed reactions!  One poor girl found a minnow dried to her shirt after the game!  EW!

While we're busy with camp activities, the boys got to spend the week with my parents who are volunteers at the camp.  Grandpa found a lot of projects for the boys to help out!
 Carson and McClain ate this digging stuff up!

We might not be a well-balanced group, but we're sure lots of fun and giggles!

For the second year, I missed being with Cody on our anniversary.
A certain little girl really put the pressure on her daddy to send flowers.
They were beautiful!
Of course, we had to sing to get them!

Paddleboats...pretty sure I was the lone power behind this boat!
 These girls are so sweet...just like their mamas!
I hope they stay lifelong friends!

Oh....dress up the counselors.  My fave.
 Our girls were super sweet and turned us into Raggedy Ann Girls.
A little embarrassed that 10 year old girls do my hair cuter than I can do it!

Some memorable things that we just couldn't capture on camera:

*prayers from the girls to be a light for Jesus at their schools

*burdens for friends and family members who don't believe in Jesus Christ

*touched hearts from hearing about Christians being persecuted and even killed for the sake of Christ

*loud singing of praises to God

*hearts softened to the understanding and belief that Jesus died for our sins

*Bible verses memorized and hidden in hearts

*hugs and smiles and giggles and teasing and jokes and so much more

Love these girls!

Can't wait until next year!