Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer may be over, but...

I'm not quite ready to let go!

Let's relive all those fun summer days!


Who doesn't love Crazy Hair Day?
I feel like that 80's bubble hair comes all too naturally!

These guys were great sports!  
Our awesome group of kids raised money for the Baptist Friendship Center and met their goal, so the great Sumo Wrestling Championship took place.  Vacation Bible School week is always a ton of fun!

Next up:  a trip to ADVENTURELAND for Father's Day!

I like this skinny mirror...when can we get one of those for our home?
 The Silly Silo is an Iowa amusement park staple!  
However, the rumor is that it is coming down because it's getting a little too old.  
Who knows, maybe that floor really was going to fall all the way out!  
Glad our kids got to experience this iconic ride! 
 (Thankfully no one lost their cookies either!)

Woo-hoo!  Hands in the air!

Our summer fun has just started...