Thursday, September 12, 2013


For our next summer adventure, we left Dearborn, Michigan and headed way north to Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Time for VACATION!

The drive was beautiful!

We arrived at Mackinaw Mills Campground and met up with my mom and dad (and their RV). 
We were super excited to find that this was our view from the camper...the shores of Lake Huron!

Our first tourist destination was Mackinac Island.
We visited Mackinac Island a couple of times as a kid on family vacations, and I could.not.wait to get back and have my whole family see this beautiful island!

We took a ferry to the island where the only transportation allowed is horses or bicycles! 
(A pastor that we had met at the conference gave us free ferry tickets!)
The carriage ride was a fantastic way to see a lot of the island and learn a ton of history, too!
The carriage took us through the National Forest on the Island up to Arch Rock.
Beautiful views!

The carriage ride ended on Main Street, where they had a Starbucks (!) and where I evidently caught up with my long lost best friend...or just the friendliest lady ever who wandered into our picture and became the ultimate hugging photo bomb!  She was hilarious.
We walked along the boardwalk and just soaked in the perfect weather and beautiful island.  
We also all picked out which houses we were going to buy...someday, of course.
Then, as if this day wasn't already bucket list worthy, Cody suggested we leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa at a park and take a quick bike ride date around the island.
Selfies on a bike are dangerous and unflattering...but oh well!  
It was an experience of a lifetime!
The road around the island was so peaceful. 

We arrived back at the island just in time to sample some fudge (yum!) and catch a ferry back to Mackinaw City.
Farewell, Mackinac Island!

The next day brought our another tourist adventure:
"Life continues much in the way it did in the 1700s. 

Watch the smoke billow from the cannon and muskets 
fired by British soldiers and help colonial women prepare 
food or tend the garden. Join French voyageurs and Native 
Americans as they demonstrate their way of life – the 
past and present blur into a fascinating and unmatched 
experience at Colonial Michilimackinac."

Our tour started off with this uncomfortable photo op.  Haha!
There were a lot of really fun demonstrations that we got to watch and participate in.
Maddox clapped along to the singing!

What boy wouldn't love holding a musket?
These were quite impressive!

We learned a lot of history about colonial life and even got to help make (and sample!) apple dumplings and a potato pie!

They have a pretty view to shoot the cannon!

Right next to the Colony we explored a beautiful beach!
We love Lake Huron!

We also took a quick trip to see the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie.
The boats come through these locks and the waters raise and lower to let them through.
There's Canada right across there, too!

The sunsets were so amazing every night on our trip!
Cody caught several awesome pictures...more to come someday!

When we left Mackinaw City, we drove around the Upper Pennisula and took some time to explore Lake Michigan.

We traveled through Green Bay and headed back north into Door County, WI.
We had a great time exploring the cute little shops, but my very favorite spot was Egg Harbor.
This is the same beach our family visited four years ago.
I love the clear, peaceful water and clean beach.
I think I really could live here!

 I love our little people!

 They are SO happy exploring and traveling and playing!

 Isn't this place beautiful?

We traveled back to Iowa and made it to Clear Lake just in time for the 4th of July.
 There's always enough room on Grandma and Grandpa's laps!
 This was a pretty fantastic way to end our vacation!

And THAT was our summer family vacation!