Friday, January 17, 2014

V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N 5

Day 5: Beach Day!
We drove south on scenic Coastal Hwy 1.  
This is one of most our favorite drives in ever!  
I'm not sure how the gang in the back of the RV felt about the curving and climbing around the scenic coast, but up front, it was beautiful!
We were on the hunt for a perfect beach to stop and play.
We couldn't seem to find the perfect beach that we had in mind.
I remembered a nice beach in Malibu, but nothing quite looked as I remembered (16 years ago!).
So, we finally snagged a free parking spot along the highway, threw on our swimming suits, and trecked down to a beautiful, sandy beach with crashing waves. 
(We didn't actually know the name of the beach that we had stopped at until we Instagrammed a picture and found it listed as our location...ZUMA BEACH!)
 As it turns out, Zuma Beach is FABULOUS!
This is the beach used often for filming.
Scenes with lifeguards running...right here!
Scenes with lifeguard stands...right here!
Scenes with a concession stand...right here!
 The kids had SO much fun playing in the sand with some new little friends from Pasadena.
While the kids played, their mom told us all the fun facts about Zuma Beach and gave us awesome tips about the Rose Parade! 
 The beach is also known for it's fun glimpses of sea animals playing!
We watched several dolphins out playing and jumping!
Of course, nothing beats a cartwheel by Cloe on the beach!
This little guy could not get enough of the fun on the beach!
 Running, chasing seagulls, throwing sand, slapping the waves...he's a beach baby at heart!
The kids played happily together for h.o.u.r.s.
The tide went out and let them explore the beach and look for more seashells.
I love chubby, sandy hands!
Sheer joy!
I became a little obsessed with catching every moment on the beach with this little guy!
(the big kids were a little too generous with their splashing!)
When we went into the bath house, I completely cracked up when the kids were surprised and asked,  "How in the world did sand get in THERE???"  
Guess we're still Iowans at heart!
 But truly, we love California!