Tuesday, January 21, 2014

V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N 6

Day 6:  We headed back to Historic Downtown Santa Barbara, but this time, we did it the smarter way!
We walked the shorter route (2 miles) to a trolley stop at Stearns Wharf, and took a trolley to the opposite end (uphill) of State Street.  This way we could visit all of the fun shops and make it back to the ocean (downhill)!
 State Street is lined with beautiful flowers and tall palm trees and has every store you could possibly imagine!
 In between several of the stores, a small walkway would open up into another street of stores, beautiful water fountains, and fun structures.
 We even found a few vintage stores to browse!
This shot is from Antique Alley.
 The shop in the picture below was my favorite vintage store--The Mermaid's Chest.
When the owner was 19  years old (1976), she hopped a train car in Indianapolis during a blizzard and road it all the way to Santa Barbara.  She never looked back and has loved living in California!  She now owns this cute this shop that has a fantastic view of the ocean.  She only returns to Indiana when she wants to pick up more stock for her shop.
 While my mom, dad, and I browsed the last few shops (including a 99 Cent Grocery Store...hello, awesome produce deals!), Cody took the kids back to the beach to play.
 Carson's favorite game was throwing rocks into the waves.

 Cloe loved writing in the sand.
 McClain was the great digger!

 Maddox did a little bit of everything!

 The kids played together to build castles and moats.
 I love sweet little sandy hands!
 I love the view of the palm trees and the mountains.
 Wish we could have bottled up the sound and smell of the salty, fresh ocean waves!
 Walking...walking...walking...and more walking.
This day we walked 7.9 miles!
 Goodbye to our last day in Santa Barbara!
 I hope we'll be back again someday!