Sunday, January 12, 2014


We've just returned from a quite spectacular vacation, and I have high hopes of documenting the whole thing!  There were so many great moments to remember!

We were gone sixteen days, covered nine states, 
visited one of the natural wonders of the world, 
played at four theme parks, 
sat through one big parade,
 (We even slept on the street to save our spot!) 
enjoyed two beautiful beaches, 
and many other fun things along the way!

So here we go...boy, won't I feel sheepish if I only get day one blogged and never get around to the rest!

Be forewarned:  this will be a series of posts with total picture overload.  
The amazing pictures are the handiwork of Cody and his fantastic camera skills.  
The fun enhanced pictures are courtesy of Instagram, and the fuzzy why-did-you-include-that-one pictures are just fun memories from my phone!


Our whole family, along with my parents, piled in their 30-foot RV and headed West!
(My parents are really, really nice and my husband really, really likes to travel!)

*Cousin Eddy drove that real nice RV.*
(insert endless Christmas Vacation jokes here)
The skies were dark and the roads were a bit slick.  
I soon realized that any tense moments on the road would result in profuse sweating of my palms.  (Glad to know that, aren't you!)
 We made our first stop for gas in Kansas City.  
The sun was shining brightly and warmer temperatures were already being felt!

Maddox was an awesome little riding trooper.
 He browsed magazines and watched a movie.
We broke out some new-to-us train cars that provided Christmas excitement on the hour! 

Oklahoma proved to be a bit boring...and lumpy.
 Things didn't get much prettier in northern Texas, but we did get a nice sunset!

We drove late into the night.  Thank goodness the kids were able to go to bed at a semi-normal time and sleep as we drove.
When we arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico hoping to spend the night in a Walmart parking lot.
They normally welcome RV's, but on this Christmas night, a quick wrap on the door let us know we weren't welcome.  We sleepily headed back on the road and quickly found a truck stop to catch a few hours of sleep.  
Nothing could dampen our spirits on the first day though because it was: